10 Tips for Physical Activity


  1. Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some form of physical activity.
  2. Warm up. Before any strenuous activity be sure to warm your muscles up gradually. Spend 5-10 minutes of light activity to get your blood flowing.
  3. Create a balanced fitness program including strength and cardio based exercises.
  4. Always be sure to use proper form. Educate yourself and be sure you’re utilizing proper technique to get the best benefits out of your workout.
  5. Breathe. If you’re strength training, make sure you’re aware of the proper breathing techniques as you lift.
  6. Recovery. Be sure to take enough rest between sets in a strength workout. Also make sure you’re resting your body during the week. Split your workout days so you’re body has time to recover and get stronger.
  7. Have a plan. Making sure you have a set routine so you’re able to effectively get the most out of your workout.
  8. Try new things. Don’t limit yourself, branch out. Try yoga, ride a bike, dance, lift weights. Make sure to mix things up so your body can be utilized to its full potential.
  9. Cooldown.  Try to do some light cardio exercise to reduce your heart rate and bring down your body temperature after a hard work out.
  10. Stretch. Stretching can help improve muscle recovery and limit soreness the next day.  Utilize stretching tools such as bands and foam rollers to get the best stretch possible.