EDC Healthcare: Case Studies

Nypro Asheville, a manufacturer of medical devices for leading advanced healthcare companies globally, expanded twice in a 12-month period. In 2010, Nypro made a key investment in an alliance with Novo Nordisk, and in 2011 the innovative company expanded again making an investment in an alliance with pharmaceutical manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline.
Plant manager, Joe Freitas noted: "… [we] owe a debt of gratitude to the world-class staff in Asheville whose reputation for quality and excellence is recognized by customers worldwide."
G3 Medical, now fulfilling any medical manufacturing need, launched in 1991 as a consulting company that helped small to medium medical device manufacturers get their product into the marketplace by providing affordable regulatory affairs management.
Today, they provide a wide range of services, not only to medical device manufacturers but also to healthcare providers.
Company founder and CEO, Steve Woody said, "There are two things that I know really well, the medical product industry and Western North Carolina. When I had the opportunity to bring those two things together I knew I had a winning combination."