EDC Healthcare: Infographic

Asheville is a center for advanced healthcare, with Mission Hospital of Asheville NC playing a fundamental role in its success

As the largest industry in the four-county Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area, Health Services makes up approximately 20% of employment. Historically renowned as a restorative mountain retreat, Asheville, NC Hospitals and Healthcare systems today are world-class. Dedicated medical care, innovative and integrative alternatives, cutting edge research, and steady employment growth provide Asheville with a well-established reputation. With organizations such as Mission Hospital Asheville NC, Park Ridge Health, and Margaret R. Pardee Memorial Hospital, the region’s dynamic health providers offer advanced, compassionate patient care. CarePartners Health Services, Genova Diagnostics, and the Charles George Veterans Affairs Medical Center provide progressive services furthering the region’s outstanding capacity to provide quality, compassionate advanced healthcare.
"The healthcare sector has a strong foundation in western North Carolina, and the area is respected as a healthcare market known for its innovation, high quality, and cost effectiveness"
  • - Ronald A. Paulus, MD
  • President and CEO, Mission Health