State Legislative Agenda

(as of 1/5/17)

Tax Modernization/Fiscal Issues

  • Support developing and maintaining consistent and adequate state funding/revenue streams to allow better predictability and multi-year planning for both business and for state agencies and state funded institutions, and for city/county government obligations and authority
  • Support tax modernization reform efforts resulting in “across the board” tax rate reductions - broadening the tax base to help lower rates for businesses and individuals; ensuring no specific industry is targeted; and a tax system that would be fair and would make our state more competitive in attracting business

Job Creation

  • Support economic and community development incentives and other tools to keep North Carolina and Buncombe County competitive in the attraction and retention of jobs

Regulatory Reform

  • Support reform to reduce unnecessary regulatory burden by streamlining and making the regulatory process more transparent


  • Support increasing access to affordable healthcare including appropriate Medicaid expansion
  • Support expanding resources that address the shortage of primary care providers in WNC to assure access to care for the expanding and aging population
  • Support improving and restructuring Medicaid to achieve risk based, provider led, regional care delivery (e.g. Accountable Care Organizations) utilizing care management capabilities, and budget predictability for the state and for Medicaid providers

Education/Workforce Training

  • Support pay increases for North Carolina’s educators with the goal of NC educator salaries meeting the national average in the next five years
  • Support affordable access to quality childcare for Western North Carolina’s workforce
  • Support funding early childhood education as “key economic infrastructure” for workforce preparation

Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Assure continued prioritization of the I-26 Connector Project
  • Support developing long-term transportation funding reforms that strengthen our state’s infrastructure and provides our economy with the support it needs to thrive as a global economic leader

Business Environment

  • Support legislation that demonstrates North Carolina is open for business, welcoming to visitors and free of discrimination.