Meet The Team

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Kit Cramer

President & CEO

Clark Duncan

Senior Vice President of Economic Development
Economic Development, Leadership

Leeanne Briggs

Vice President of Member Services/Director of WomanUP
Leadership, Membership

Erin Leonard

Vice President of Communications
Communications, Leadership

Layton Hower

Vice President of Finance
Finance & Operations, Leadership

Zach Wallace

Vice President of Public Policy
Leadership, Public Policy

Amy Jackson

Senior Director of Member Engagement & Retention

Heidi Reiber

Senior Director of Research
Economic Development

Tommy Dennison

Director of Member Development

Jessica Kanupp

Director of Member Marketing and Sales

Jeffrey Kaplan

Director of Venture Asheville
Economic Development

Ashley Swanger

Director of Industry Services
Economic Development

Keevon Baten

Director Business Recruitment
Economic Development

Desiree Monstrola

Venture Asheville & Executive Operations Manager
Economic Development

Diana Blackett

Director of Workforce Partnerships
Economic Development

Juliana Walker

Content Specialist

Alexa Whitman

Public Policy Specialist
Public Policy

Caleb Parsons

Research Analyst
Economic Development

Sydney Lyons

Member Services Assistant

Judi Willard

Administrative Lead, Member Services

Marie-Louise H. Ramsey

Visitor Center Manager
Visitor Services

Tonya Wiggins

Accounting Assistant
Finance & Operations

Roger OKelley

Information Systems Manager
Finance & Operations

Jennifer Willett

Asheville Shop Manager
Visitor Services

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