Building Community Through Business

To be a trusted catalyst in creating and nurturing an environment where businesses and the community prosper.

Guiding Principles
Our Guiding Principles direct how we work, what we work on, and what we value in our organization as well as providing a framework for good decision making.

  • Leadership: We serve as business’s forum for important issues, keeping in mind the bigger, long-term picture.
  • Perspectives: We value diverse views and participation in everything we do in order to foster trust, mutual respect and better outcomes. Learn about our DEI initiatives
  • Transparency: We inspire confidence by communicating openly and clearly.
  • Resilience: We build economic vitality and viability by championing responsible, sustainable and equitable business practices.
  • Collaboration: We recognize there is strength in relationships and working in partnership to accomplish our goals.
  • Pragmatism: We are about getting things done and solving problems in our community by choosing progress over perfection when necessary.