Community Connectors

The Community Connector pilot program and communications campaign helps address the negative impacts of COVID-19 in the city’s primary business districts. The project relies on
cross-sector collaboration to reimagine public safety, support district stabilization, economic resiliency, and connect people in need to services.

COVID-19 impacted businesses through abrupt closures, health safety measures (e.g., social distancing, PPE, and capacity limits), and widespread unemployment. A sharp decline in tourism exacerbated these losses. Many businesses closed, and now numerous organizations, public and private, face staffing and service provision challenges. COVID-19 also highlighted social inequities. The racial justice movement prompted cities across the country to reimagine public safety. Many people experiencing homelessness set up camps
or slept in the streets.

This program addresses these varied issues through proactive services and a new community-driven approach to public safety.

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