2021 Sky High Growth Awards

April 30, 2021

At the Asheville Chamber, we believe that together, we are MORE. Our combined efforts are more impactful in moving our community forward than any one business, special interest or industry. As THE local champion for a balanced, thriving economy, we are honored to recognize the successes of businesses right here in our community.

The 2021 Sky High Growth Award Winners are overcoming challenges. Reaching beyond past successes. Taking their businesses to the next level. Sky High winners are creating jobs, and they are giving back. We applaud you for your business successes and for the contributions you make to the community.

2021 Sky High Growth Awards Photo Album

2021 Sky High Growth Award Winners:

  • Asheville Arborists Inc.
    • Asheville Arborists’ commitment to high standards for their customers, employees and the environment has been key to their growth and success. With Certified Arborists and Tree Workers, the company has been providing Western North Carolina with an expert approach to tree care, pruning and removal since 2010. Over the past four years, the company has seen a steady and significant growth with increased profits and increased opportunities for their employees to not only succeed, but excel.
  • Asheville Art Museum
    • The Asheville Art Museum has proven itself to be a world-class arts destination. While the past year has been especially difficult for the arts, the museum has not only persevered, but innovated with creativity and dedication to its staff, volunteers and visitors. The museum has continued to engage and educate the community with an extensive menu of virtual programming, including tours, classes, lectures, and more. Asheville Art Museum has demonstrated its commitment to bringing new and exciting ideas to the forefront of our community as it continues to grow and flourish.
  • Asheville Luxury Elopements
    • With all-inclusive packages for elopements and micro weddings, Asheville Luxury Elopements Co. is making wedding planning easy. Just because a couple turns to elopement, doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious. That’s where Asheville Luxury Elopements steps in. The company offers a variety of packages to fit each couple’s needs and budget. Whether the ceremony is at one of the nicest hotels in Asheville, a farmhouse in the country or at a private waterfall, the company is taking the stress out of the planning process by providing a new, innovative way to tie the knot in beautiful Western North Carolina.
  • Asheville Realty Group, LLC
    • In order to adapt to COVID restrictions, Asheville Realty Group had to innovate an entirely new approach to real estate. This led to the company embracing new technologies, including virtual tours, electronic signatures and virtual client contacts. The boutique realty firm adapted well enough to see notable growth last year, increasing 30% in spite of the global pandemic and adding to a continued trend upwards. Through a passion for Asheville and hard work, Asheville Realty Group will open a second location in North Asheville soon in another example of the firm’s growth.
  • Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More of Asheville
    • At its core, Big Frog Custom T-Shirts of Asheville is all about community. The company, which offers custom apparel branding, takes on a responsibility to give back to the community through sponsorships, discounts and time. During the past year, the company was able to hold its own during the pandemic hardships and even achieved some of its best months yet. By being bigger than the name on the door, the company has been connected and respected, which has sustained them since they opened in 2015.
  • Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation, CDC
    • Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation is on a mission to develop people, property and businesses with a vision of an equitable, inclusive community. The nonprofit is putting that vision into reality by providing programming focusing on small business development, education and training through the lens of asset building and wealth creation. Through innovative and inclusive development, Eagle Market Streets is working hard to create an inclusive community where all citizens are healthy, thriving and valued.
  • Hummingbird Candle Co.
    • With their candle making workshops, Hummingbird Candle Co. is providing a unique experience to customers using high quality, eco-friendly materials. But, the candles are just one part of the company’s big picture. The business is molded by the framework of five core values: earth friendly, by women for women, activism, self-care and fun. Hummingbird Candles prides itself on being a Black-woman-owned business that creates jobs for all women and creates an environment that pays fair-wages and helps them further down whatever path they are on. The business has prioritized using its platform to support and advocate for all women in the community and beyond.
  • Jacob Holm Industries (America), INC.
    • Innovation is at the heart of Jacob Holm Industries, so when the pandemic hit our community, the company had to adapt and grow to meet the escalating demand for their products. The company, which manufactures nonwovens including personal protective apparel like masks and disinfecting wipes, was at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. Jacob Holm has grown significantly which has led to the approved capability expansion of the existing line at Candle, which will continue to drive the company to grow and innovate.
  • Mercy Urgent Care
    • Mercy Urgent Care is all about putting patients first and that commitment has helped them continue to grow. During the past year, the company has served as a vital public health partner during the pandemic by providing more than 26,000 drive-up COVID tests in all kinds of weather, PPE for staff and patients and preserving their superhero staff. Mercy Urgent Care adapted and innovated with the implementation of telemedicine, as well, proving their ability to grow into a digital space to serve their patients wherever they are.
  • Mosaix Group, Inc.
    • As a company whose job it is to bring people together, Mosaix Group had a lot of obstacles in its way when the pandemic hit our community. But, as a company filled with creative problem solvers, Mosaix adapted through innovation and teamwork. The company offered robust virtual meeting solutions and started a new company, MoxBoxes, which offers custom gifting that helped with engagement and brought people together. While the company did not experience growth in revenue, they experienced many successes as a team which created incredible innovation and survival.
  • Nest Realty Asheville
    • Nest Realty’s continued growth can be credited to the tireless work they do to provide an above and beyond client care approach to real estate. With a required pivot to virtual sales last year, the company quickly adapted to a format that would allow homebuyers to safely tour homes and buy them while still providing a warm client experience. This type of innovation, along with community support to non-profits like Homeward Bound, helped the realty company connect with clients, near or far, who want to call Western North Carolina home. 
  • Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness
    • Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness has been able to steadily grow thanks to dedication of their team. Since the company was founded 2012, they have grown every year, except for last year due to the pandemic. While they did not grow on paper due to the major difficulties of last year, the staff grew stronger together through hard work and adaptation. With plans to grow their workforce, Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness’s team has proven the company’s resilience and commitment to their customers and each other.
  • Range Urgent Care
    • Range Urgent Care grew and succeeded this past year for two primary reasons: Courage and Flexibility. When the pandemic hit our community last year, the company’s staff stood on the frontlines working to fight COVID despite not knowing how much they would be reimbursed and adapted to the almost constantly evolving medical knowledge. While many similar companies opted to decrease hours and benefits, Range Urgent Care was able to maintain hours, pay and benefits for employees and increase staff by 300%. Through adaptability and hard work, Range Urgent Care was able to continue to help the community while growing the business. 
  • SolFarm Solar Co.
    • Solfarm Solar Co. is helping the community prepare for the future through renewable energy. The company has grown during the past year thanks to a flexible reaction to the pandemic and a commitment to their employees and their families. Despite the pandemic, the company has persisted and grown, coming out extremely profitable this year. The company continues to grow thanks to skilled, educated staff and a dedication to renewable energy, the well-being of our community and the future of the planet.
  • Sona Pharmacies
    • Sona Pharmacies has focused on what patients need to feel safe while still getting the care they need, especially during the past year. As the first pharmacy in Western North Carolina to host a drive-thru COVID-19 test site within the first week of the pandemic hitting our community, the Sona team made their heartfelt commitment to the community clear. During this time, the company was able to maintain all existing employees and continue to grow and expand. Through innovation, the company has been able to make an enormous positive impact on the community, which will grow for years to come.
  • Spicer Greene Jewelers
    • Turning a 95-year-old business into a high growth machine is no easy feat, but Spicer Greene Jewelers has done it. Founded in 1926, the business has a longstanding reputation in Asheville, but they haven’t become outdated or archaic. In the past decade, the business has renovated, rebranded and reimagined the jewelry shopping experience through major change and innovation. Spicer Greene is focused on today’s consumer, not the consumer of the past, which is a crucial aspect to their success and steady growth.
  • Tessier
    • Even after 36 years in business, Tessier has a fresh direction and vision. During the last few years, the company has been retooling almost every aspect of the business which has recharged the firm and led to phenomenal growth. After losing a major client in 2019, the firm turbocharged their growth and brought on 17 clients in 12 months. Since then, Tessier hasn’t stopped growing in both revenue and staff. With their determination and fresh vision, the firm is looking toward even more growth and expansion into the future.
  • The Matt & Molly Team – Keller Williams Professionals
    • Like many companies in 2020, the Matt and Molly Team with Keller Williams Professionals had to reinvent how they do business. That reinvention led to a record year for them both in income and real estate transactions. Because of this, they were able to do more than just grow their business. Along with team members volunteering and serving on local boards, the company has increased charitable contributions to show their support to the community who has helped them shine.
  • Vannoy Construction
    • Vannoy Construction credits their success to their 4 H’s: Honor, Humility, Hospitality and Hustle. And hustle, they have. In 2020, as an essential business, Vannoy had to adapt quickly to keep their workers and their families safe. While difficult, the company kept the community safe, kept to project deadlines and saw significant growth. By being the best that they can for their clients and industry partners, Vannoy Construction continues to prove its value to the community and the industry.
  • Wicked Weed Brewing
    • Since opening its doors in 2012, Wicked Weed Brewing has experienced phenomenal growth. Year after year, the company has continued to expand its operations in Buncombe County by employing more staff, opening up new locations and increasing support to the local community. During the past year, Wicked Weed had to evolve in a number of ways, but the company was able to persevere by sticking to its core values of quality, innovation, community, people and safety. By staying true to the company’s passion, Wicked Weed has adapted, endured and grown during these uncertain times.
  • Zöe Dental
    • Zöe Dental’s continued growth can be credited to the cohesive culture the company has fostered among its team and customers. When the Stay At Home Order was put in place, the entire dental industry was shut down, but through strategic planning and communication, the company persevered and even grew in this unprecedented time. The company has continued to give back to the community, as well, with events like Smiles for Freedom, which offers free dental services to veterans. With a clear commitment to give back, Zöe Dental has cemented the company’s standing with the Asheville community and beyond.

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