A Conversation with Our Small Business of the Month: Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours

April 28, 2020

Each month, the Asheville Chamber chooses an outstanding small business to recognize for their generosity, contributions to the community, and business acumen. This month, we recognize Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours! We sat down with their founder Kaye to learn more about the history of the business and what’s next.

Tell us a little bit about Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours. Where did the idea come from? 

Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours opened for business in July, 2018. I had visited two rooftop bars in late summer of 2017 and was very impressed with the bars, the gorgeous views, and the historic buildings you could see from the rooftops. I found out there were more than two (a total of 6) rooftop bars at that time! Intrigued, I visited all of the bars and was fascinated with the different feel and unique character and views from each one. I thought it would be great if people could enjoy several rooftop bars in one afternoon on a tour. It’s a tour I would want to take.  I checked to see if there was a tour like that being offered in Asheville. There wasn’t one, so I created Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours.

What is a little-known fact or trivia about your company?

You’re sure to have fun on a tour with us because both of our company’s van drivers are comedians. They really are…no joke! Ben is part of the Asheville Improv Collective and Art is an instructor and a standup comedian that tours through out the Southeast.

What are you most proud of about Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours? 

There are several things all tied together. We are bringing a different way of seeing Asheville to the forefront. Our tour guests appreciate the glimpse of Asheville history we share from the most spectacular views in the city, the rooftop bars. We are also supporting our community by introducing these bars to people (locals and visitors) that would likely have not found them on their own.

Tell us the best piece of advice you’ve gotten.

Stay true to your core values and don’t compare yourself or your company to others.  Have patience….LOTS of it!

Tips for other small businesses? 

There’s a wealth of information and free resources in Asheville and our area to help small business owners and entrepreneurs. Utilize as many of these resources as you can. Webinars, workshops, online classes, and business networking opportunities. And, of course, become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. It’s the best voice for local business that we have.

That’s great advice. What’s next on the horizon? 

We don’t know what the “new normal” will be once the stay home and travel bans are lifted.  Once people are venturing out more, we will be expanding our tour schedule offering two daily tours and we plan to bring another tour guide on board. We are also creating more wonderful partnerships with local businesses.

Our tagline is “Together, We are More.” How does that apply to your business or what does it mean to you? 

I’ve always known community is important. I don’t think you can have a business without the support of your local community. All of it, from the people that live and work here along with other businesses in your area.  The philosophy of “Together, We Are More” is so true and I see it in action locally even more so during this Covid-19 pandemic. Neighbors helping neighbors, different industries sharing resources and strategies with each other. Asheville really is a community that lifts each other up.  I believe in Asheville.