Alex Cardona is focused on Asheville

January 19, 2022

Alex Cardona has only lived in Asheville for a little over two years, but he’s already making his mark on the business community.

My favorite part of doing business in Asheville is that you can get good by doing good,” says Alex Cardona. “Asheville is a networking capital, and one of the few places in America where talking to one’s neighbor is encouraged.

Cardona is an independent associate for Legal Shield, where he connects businesses and individuals with legal assistance. But Cardona’s focus is not limited to his job – it’s on the betterment of Asheville as a whole. 

Check out our full Q&A with Alex below…

Tell us about your business and the role you play in it. 

I am an independent associate for a business called Legal Shield. What we do is make access to the justice system simple, easy, and more affordable through the convenience of an app. I assess both individual and business legal needs and provide people with access to an attorney nationally.  

Where did your vision begin? How has it grown?

My career started after graduating from the University of South Florida. I started as a case manager helping the homeless, and later I transitioned into teaching Physical Education for Middle school. At the time the pandemic started, I was on the path of opening my own youth facility but the uncertainty of the fitness industry’s future forced me to shift my career path.

What made you choose the Asheville area?

Asheville has been a destination for me since 2013. The very first year my wife and I started dating I randomly took her up here. Since 2013, my wife and I had been annually coming up to visit until we had the opportunity to move in December of 2019. 

What do you enjoy best about working in your industry?

I enjoy helping people get access to a system that typically costs a lot to have access to. Most people don’t have an attorney or contact one because of the cost. I love helping people have peace of mind particularly when it comes to business matters. I enjoy helping companies go to the next level. 

What is your favorite part about doing business in the Asheville area?

My favorite part of doing business in Asheville is that you can get good by doing good. Asheville is a networking capital, and one of the few places in America where talking to one’s neighbor is encouraged. I also love that in Asheville, you can be as famous as a Hollywood celebrity, and in the same place get lost in its nature and beauty to find peace. 

Which person or establishment inspires you the most?

There are so many people who have invested knowledge and or given me an opportunity. I’m inspired by two values: greatness and legacy. I have had the honor to witness those things amongst my parents, my martial arts instructor, and my grandparents. Outside of those immediate influences would be Fredrick Douglas, Theodore Rosevelt, Barack Obama, Tom Brady.

What does the word “community” mean to you?

Community is the law of reciprocity in action. Serving on the board for both the Young Professionals of Asheville and the People’s Community & Inclusion has opened my vision to what is the greater good for everyone in the community. Helping a business or individual make a connection and achieve a goal impacts the community as a whole and helps Asheville thrive at higher social and economical levels. 

During your first year of business, what was the greatest lesson you learned?

In my first year of business, I learned the importance of having a mindset based on faith and self-confidence. Business isn’t a straight line, it comes with problems that need to be solved and decisions that need to be made in a timely manner. In order to overcome them and not quit, having the right mindset is key. This is why I created a radio show called The Golden Key. The show is a soundboard for entrepreneurial and personal growth and can be found on the platforms of Biz Radio Asheville, Spotify, and Apple.

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