All Souls Counseling Center is Bridging Gaps in Mental Health Care

May 29, 2024

Since its inception in 2000, All Souls Counseling Center has been a steadfast ally for uninsured and underinsured individuals in Western North Carolina facing mental health challenges. Founded by community therapists alarmed by a crisis in accessibility following the closure of a vital mental health facility, the center emerged as a beacon of hope in a time of uncertainty.

“Our mission is to provide affordable quality mental health counseling with a primary focus on those who are uninsured and underinsured in western North Carolina, that also includes outreach and educational services,” shared Meredith Switzer, Executive Director of All Souls Counseling Center.

Initially providing counseling on a sliding scale fee basis from donated space at The Cathedral of All Souls, the center’s mission quickly gained momentum. “When individuals come to us, we will look at the sliding scale and see where they fall. And certainly, if they can’t afford to pay anything, then their sliding scale would be zero,” Switzer explained, highlighting the commitment to accessibility that remains at the core of their work.

As demand surged, All Souls Counseling Center transitioned to larger offices, ultimately finding its permanent home at 35 Arlington Street in 2009. “The demand for our services continued to increase,” remarked Switzer, reflecting on the center’s growth trajectory.

Today, All Souls Counseling Center boasts a team of over 18 professionally licensed therapists committed to delivering high-quality, compassionate mental health counseling. “The grant we received helps pay our therapists for the vital work they’re doing with our clients. It’s really important,” emphasized Switzer, acknowledging the crucial role of funding in sustaining their operations.

Despite these strides, significant gaps in mental health care persist for uninsured and underinsured adults in the region. “We really could use a lot more mental health support as a community,” Switzer lamented, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by service providers.

Through partnerships with healthcare providers and nonprofits, such as MAHEC and HelpMate, the center extends its reach, offering comprehensive support to those navigating mental health challenges. “We also have partnerships with other community partners, other nonprofits such as HelpMate and Our VOICE,” Switzer noted, underscoring the collaborative approach central to their work.

At the heart of All Souls Counseling Center’s work are the countless individuals whose lives have been transformed by their services. “To know that the work that we’re doing is changing lives. And in many cases, saving people’s lives is really gratifying and affirming to us as an agency,” shared Switzer, reflecting on the profound impact of their work.

Looking to the future, All Souls Counseling Center remains committed to its founding principles of accessibility and compassion. “We are really trying to be community-based in the way that we’re approaching the needs,” Switzer affirmed, expressing optimism about the center’s continued efforts to support mental wellness for all.

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