AvL Technologies receives Good Health Good Business Award

May 8, 2024

At the Chamber Challenge on May 3rd, AvL Technologies was presented with the Asheville Chamber’s 2024 Good Health Good Business Award (sponsored by Mission Health) in recognition of their efforts promoting wellness in the workplace.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, AvL Technologies develops and manufactures parabolic antennas for the military and communication industries both nationally and internationally. In the thirty years of business, forty-three of the original hires are still employed. That longevity affirms AvL Technologies’ commitment to its employees.

“Celebrating our 30th anniversary is a huge milestone for us,” said David Bowne, president of AvL Technologies. “We’re doing so with the gratitude and appreciation of 250 employees and our commitment to these employees – to their health and well being – as we commit to the Asheville community. AvL Technologies has been recognized many times in our industry but this is the first time that we’ve been recognized for amazing employees and programs in the wellness support. It’s greatly appreciated. It’s especially incredible award to win when it’s nominated itself by an employee.”

AvL Technologies implements a wide variety of wellness initiatives for their employees. For instance, they offer Wellness Rewards that encourage staff to make healthier lifestyle choices. Through the program, staff earn points for efforts toward good health, prevention and early detection, education, nutrition, fitness and even financial health. At the end of the year, the points are tallied and counted toward additional vacation hours or cash. They also offer reimbursements for gym memberships — 25% of their employees are members at YMCA.

AvL Technologies also has a number of initiatives that support personal wellness and fostering a sense of belonging among employees. Birthday and employment anniversaries are recognized. Staff are congratulated for the big events in our life such as the birth of a new baby or receiving citizenship, and consoled during a loss of life or sickness. If staff experience economic hardship, AvL Technologies has their back with an employee loan program and On Track Counseling to improve financial wellness.

They formed an employee committee to better foster an employee-centric culture. The committee considers their impact on each other, company culture, the surrounding community and environment. They are fostering wellness and relationships through charity works and community service. They also organize clubs that give them the opportunity to interact with fellow employees for enjoyment and friendship through shared interest.

Congratulations to AvL Technologies!