Business Buzz: 8/14/20

August 14, 2020

AdventHealth is home to some of the most amazing nurses in Buncombe County. They have announced that the latest member of this team to win the DAISY Award is their nurse Jessica Shuford, BSN, RN. Jessica is part of the AdventHealth Hematology Oncology Infusion Services Asheville, where she and her fellow nurses care for patients requiring infusion for cancer care and blood diseases. Congratulations Jessica!


  • Two Mars Hill University professors and one staff member have received awards for outstanding work with students. Lucia Carter, professor of history, and Jimmy Knight, director of the Cothran Center for Career Readiness, received the 2020 Snow Caring Awards from Mars Hill University. Marty Gilbert, associate professor of computer science, received the 2020 Gibbs Outstanding Teacher Award. The awards were presented Tuesday, August 11, 2020. Congratulations!
  • AdventHealth is home to some of the most amazing nurses. They have announced that the latest member of this team to win the DAISY Award is their nurse Jessica Shuford, BSN, RN. Jessica is part of the AdventHealth Hematology Oncology Infusion Services Asheville, where she and her fellow nurses care for patients requiring infusion for cancer care and blood diseases. Congratulations Jessica!
  • Pat Puckridge and Donna Prinz of  Keller Williams Biltmore Village are celebrating two decades of working partnership  In April of 2000 the Puckridge-Prinz Team was established. Today, they have become “Asheville’s Dream Team” with three listing agents, three buyer’s agents and three admin, all working within COVID-19 guidelines to keep themselves and their clients safe. Happy anniversary, Pat & Donna!


  • Jeddidiah W.D. Griffin, assistant professor of biology at Mars Hill University, has joined the fight against COVID-19 with research which he hopes will provide a starting point for researchers who are developing drug therapies against the virus. Griffin’s research investigates the structure of SARS-CoV-2. His paper, titled “SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 main protease residue interaction networks change when bound to inhibitor N3,” was recently published in the Journal of Structural Biology (published online July 2020).


  • The Asheville Art Museum has launched their annual summer fundraiser this week. As part of the fundraiser, they will host an online auction and raffle through August 16th, and the community is invited to bid on 50+ pieces of artwork and special packages, purchase raffle tickets for two one-of-a-kind pieces by regional artists, or make a donation to support the museum. Support them on their website.
  • In a move that will continue to preserve one of Buncombe County‘s most valuable resources, Commissioners unanimously approved the new Farmland Protection Plan on August 4th. The Farmland Protection Plan provides the County with updated analysis of loss of farmland, types of farming in the County, and recommendations for next steps to move the Farmland Preservation Program forward,” explains Soil Conservationist Ariel Zijp. The updated plan is important as the County’s last plan was reliant on data from 2007. The new Farmland Protection Plan offers up-to-date surveys on existing farmland, input from County farmers, threats to agriculture, and other pertinent information that will inform multiple County plans and goals. You can view the Farmland Protection Plan in its entirety here.
  • The Adventure Center of Asheville has just announced new afterschool adventure and bike programs for kids ages 5-15 this September. The Adventure Center of Asheville, open all year, is located 5 minutes from downtown Asheville.  All adventures and activities are open with COVID-19 operating procedures and face coverings required. For more information about fall afterschool opportunities, click here. Programs may continue into October depending on the local school schedules.


  • Drawing on the world-class climate expertise that lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina, Climate School Asheville will open with three short-course offerings, expressly for business leaders:  Climate-Smart Success Stories will feature businesses rooted in profitable, innovative solutions to current and coming climate challenges. The prerequisite for Success Stories is Executive Climate 101 where basic concepts and vocabulary empower participants to explore new ideas. A third offering—Climate Clinic—is a customized session, bringing tailored expertise to specific business challenges and solutions. Climate School Asheville was officially launched in July 2020 in The Collider. 


  • Do you know and love Asheville? Tukit Tour Co. are looking for upbeat, personable people who know and love Asheville to serve as tour guide/driver for our tours, including the City History Tour, Brewski Hop & Private Custom Tour.  The ideal candidate is flexible and comfortable wearing multiple hats (tour guide, driver, customer service, booking, etc.). The Tuk Tuk is an all electric vehicle and has 6 passenger seating. Applicants must have a valid NC driver’s license and a good driving record. Email questions or resume to or call them at 828-712-1800.


  • Avadim Health, Inc. announced the acceleration of its strategy to partner with the nation’s largest urology group practices for the management of our nation’s number one infection, urinary tract infections and patients suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections  by utilizing Theraworx Protect U-PAK. This new partnership between Avadim Health and urology group practices will help achieve Avadim’s ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for suffering patients, whether they are senior post-menopausal women, spinal cord injury patients, or senior men. Learn more about Avadim Health on their website.


  • The Red Cross is looking for Disaster Response volunteers for the 2020 hurricane season.  Due to predictions for an active hurricane and wildfire season, plus the complicating factor of COVID-19, the Red Cross will need thousands of volunteers to care for people when disaster strikes. They will hold a virtual volunteer fair from noon-1 p.m. on Tuesday, September 1st for potential volunteers to learn more about how to help neighbors and community in times of need. RSVP requested by 8/28.


  • Given the stresses of the 2020 year, children are re-entering learning environments with new mental health and emotional needs. Whether in-person, hybrid, or all virtual, children and families are relying on us to create spaces of stability and comfort. Behind the Mask: A Virtual Symposium for Early Educators will address some of these needs. The Symposium will include daily sessions from 3-6 p.m. on August 25th-27th. Register here
  • On January 1st, 2021, every real property owner in Buncombe County will receive a new assessed value. Buncombe County understands that many property owners have questions about what this will mean for property values and taxes. Buncombe County Communications and Public Engagement will host two virtual town halls on Aug. 10, and Aug. 24, on the 2021 reappraisal process. The public is invited to join a community conversation with Buncombe County Property Assessor Keith Miller. The town halls will cover everything from what is fair market value, how property is appraised, how to appeal a value, exemptions available, and more.
  • In June, the SBA released PPP loan forgiveness applications along with important changes to the criteria for receiving PPP loan forgiveness. Since then the Treasury and SBA have provided further interpretations and regulations affecting loan forgiveness. On Wednesday, August 19th from 11 a.m.-noon, join Johnson Price Sprinkle PA for an online presentation hosted by the Small Business and Technology Development Center at WCU. Register here