Chamber Member, The Littlest Golfer, Launches Children’s Book Series

March 18, 2010

Chamber Member, The Littlest Golfer, has announced that it has begun shipping the first in its series of children’s golf books.

Chamber Member, The Littlest Golfer, has announced that it has begun shipping the first in its series of children’s golf books.

How Putter Learned His ABC’s is a large-format board book that introduces children to common golf terms and their alphabet while playing 18 holes with Putter and Sandy. This new children’s golf book has received a warm welcome from “inside the ropes.”

  • As much as adults like to make putts, kids will love Putter and Sandy even more. This book is sure to help them start out “under par” with both their A-B-Cs and their love of this great game. Watch out for your Littlest Golfer to become your biggest reader! – Dr. Morris Pickens, Sports Psychologist, Sea Island Golf Learning Center and author of the Learn To Win book series
  • A charming, fun and accessible way to introduce your kids to the game of golf. – Josh Karp, author of Straight Down the Middle
  • This new book is absolutely fantastic… a great idea. Its colorful drawings reach out to a child’s imagination. It’s easy to understand and is the perfect introduction to young children learning about golf. A real credit to the TLG team, my congratulations! – Roger Shutt, UK Golf Pro & Junior Coach Specialist, author of All You Need To Know Before You Play Golf, endorsed by Lee Westwood
    • Although The Littlest Golfer is best known for its playful collection of children’s golf apparel, an educational series of children’s books has always been part of the company’s original vision.

      “That’s what makes The Littlest Golfer unique in the industry,” company founder Kris Wilson explains. “We are the only children’s lifestyle brand that offers a complete line of golf apparel, accessories, books, clubs and toys just for kids.”

      “All of our products are designed to make golf fun and exciting for the youngest of golfers,” Wilson explains. “Our core mission is to grow the game. Our children’s book series will help us do just that!”

      Golf professionals and parents think so too.

      • How Putter Learned His ABC’s is an adorable children’s book! My two children love reading about their favorite golfers Putter and Sandy. This is a terrific gift for the littlest golfer in your life. Now it is more fun than ever to learn your ABC’s!  – Leta Lindley, LPGA Tour Winner
      • Putter and Sandy make both learning and the game of golf fun again! And, all I can say is: It was the best A-Z 18 holes of my life! –Ashley Crain, Golfweek Style Editor
      • As an avid golfer and mother of two young children, I love How Putter Learned His ABC’s! The illustrations are wonderful, the lesson fantastic, and it has a bit of humor. Well done! – Donna Bonn, president, Donna Bonn Designs golf fashions
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