Erika Shepard is empowering people by elevating emotional wellness

April 28, 2021

“My mission is for people to not just know they’re good enough, but actually feel that they and their work is good enough,” says Erika Shepard, the CEO & Founder of Erika Shepard Healing & Coaching.

After a career in nursing, Shepard began her business in 2018. The business, a remote wellness practice and public speaking service, is helping customers elevate their emotional wellness. 

Additionally, Shepard is the founder of the “The Good Enough Movement” in which she is empowering people to use their innate abilities to restore peace, calm and joy. 

Read our interview with Shepard below…

Tell us about your business and the role you play in it.

Erika Shepard Healing & Coaching is a remote wellness practice and public speaking service. I am Erika, the CEO & Founder, healer, coach, and speaker who is helping the world elevate their emotional health and wellness! I am also the founder of my movement called “The Good Enough Movement.” I empower high-performing humans to use their innate abilities to restore consistent peace, calm, and joy. My mission is for people to not just know they’re good enough, but actually feel that they and their work is good enough. I do this through my online healing practices, masterminds and workshops, 1:1 coaching, and public speaking. I began my private practice back in 2018, but have been helping people heal for over a decade, starting as a nurse and nurse practitioner. 

What’s a little-known fact or trivia about your business?

I was remote before the pandemic, and was feeling very blessed I already had that set up! When the pandemic hit, I didn’t have to change a thing. I am also based out of my tiny house that I currently live in, and it feels like I work in an adult playhouse… but it’s my house and that is pretty cool. 

Where did your career find its start? How did you get involved with your company?

I was living in Charlotte and I was looking for a workplace where I could practice mind-body medicine, energy healing, and provide holistic coaching. After a while I couldn’t find a good fit, and then it hit me, “You need to start your own practice, because there is nothing out there like this.” A few weeks after I had that realization, I got a business license and started everything from the ground up. 

Was there ever a time you felt like you had to completely start over?

Oh yes, this was last year. I realized I was meant to serve “one to many” versus simply “one to one” as the foundation of my practice. I completely changed the structure of my business in the middle of the pandemic from a one-to-one model to a model that was better able to serve one to many. This included the creation of my online healing practices. It was a lot of work, but am so glad I took the time to do it and make that switch. 

What is most important to you/your company now?

That I am serving the audiences who are really looking for this kind of message and healing. I have really learned over the years that it isn’t about helping everyone, but about helping the people who are really ready and eager to dive into what you have to offer. I have had to get really clear on the type of audience I am serving so I can connect with the right people and audiences accordingly. Sure, what I do can help anyone. But who are the people who are hungry for this so I can find and serve them?

What’s on the horizon?

I’m so excited for all that is to come! Expanding the Erika Shepard Brand outside of North Carolina is on the horizon with public speaking across the country.  As more things open up down the road, international speaking and traveling will also be on the agenda. 

What else would you like to share?

My social media links. Come be friends with me!