GoPrime Mortgage helps you navigate the road home

January 4, 2023

At GoPrime Mortgage, they help folks navigate “their road home” with an array of products tailored to every client’s needs.

“Everyone has unique dreams, different backgrounds, and financial situations,” says Zachery Adam, the Branch Manager with GoPrime. “We help educate our clients on which options are available and why they might consider a certain loan over another.”

The North Carolina-born, veteran-owned company aims to make conversations about finances less “taboo” and create clear pathways to homeownership.

Check out our full Q&A with Zachery below.

GoPrime Mortgage Asheville Team

Tell us about your business and the role you play in it. 

I’m the Branch Manager and a Loan Officer at GoPrime Mortgage. We simply help people and help navigate them on “Their Road Home.” We are residential lenders with a plethora of products that we tailor to the individual’s needs. Everyone has unique dreams, different backgrounds, and financial situations. We help educate our clients on which options are available and why they might consider a certain loan over another.

Tell us about your company culture.

We were born in North Carolina and are veteran-owned. The culture is a powerhouse of knowledge mixed with a small family feel. We can call or contact anyone in the company for anything and I’ve never experienced that accessibility to managers or people holding power before. We get to call each other by our first names and get to share what we like to do outside of work as well. We all understand our role in the bigger picture and why we need each other for ultimate success.

What is your company’s relationship with the community?

We’ve hosted events, volunteered for projects, have been board members, donated to local nonprofits with our “GoPrime Gives”, are a part of networking groups, fundraised for schools, and had client appreciation days for those we’ve helped! We welcome new people to the community by treating them like VIPs and sharing our favorite resources and partners to help them get acquainted with Asheville.

What experience do you strive to create for your customers?

Being a loan officer, I wear a lot of different faces. I’m an educator, advisor, referral partner, therapist, coach, businessman, and ultimately a friend to many clients. I want to connect today, but stay connected throughout our lifetimes. I’m honored when clients introduce me to their friends and family and it’s honestly the best compliment ever. I want to create a smooth process and stress-free transaction as much as possible, but will also be the captain of turbulent waters when they arise.

 What do you enjoy best about working in your industry?

Simply connecting with people every day. I get to meet people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences. I get to understand their dreams and how their life operates to live up to those dreams. I get to connect with entrepreneurs and local leaders around Asheville. I get to help make financials a little less “taboo” to talk about and create clear pathways to homeownership. If I can’t help that client with a loan today, we will help create a roadmap and plan to get them there.

What is your company’s vision? How do you reflect it in your daily work?

In short, GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. will provide complete, inclusive mortgage solutions that are educational, transparent, honest and sincere.” We pride ourselves on transparency and educating our clients about the mortgage process. We give honest expectations of what the current market is and give tools to come out on top. We invite clients to share their findings with other mortgage companies and tell them if they have a smoking deal or whether we think we can do better. We are sincere and empathetic of all the influences that a client is facing in the most challenging of markets,

Through your experiences, what have you learned about customer service?

I’ve had a very diverse work background, but customer service has played into each of those jobs. I’ve learned that adapting to people’s needs, nonverbal cues, and work styles have given me the most success. I treat everyone with the same respect and generosity, but some just want more attention and help than others. Being able to analyze the client during our first interaction gives me an insight into their comfortability, preferences of communication, and what they might truly be expecting from their experience. First-time homebuyers love to be educated about the process while seasoned investors like to just get down to business and talk numbers. I’m grateful that I can help people with such a wide gap in mortgage/real estate knowledge.