How Resources for Resilience is Making a Difference Across North Carolina

June 27, 2024

Since its inception in 2017, Resources for Resilience™ (RFR) has equipped individuals and communities with the tools needed to thrive amidst adversity. Founded by a group of women from Buncombe County, RFR aims to teach practical, research-based methods for managing stress and fostering resilience. Their mission is to help people of all ages find health, healing, compassion, and connection through various training and professional development workshops.

Ashley Putnam, a passionate advocate for RFR’s cause, began her journey with the organization as a trainer in 2017. She was captivated by the transformative power of the Resiliency Tools in her own life and became deeply committed to spreading this empowerment to others.

“The most transformational piece was that I had the power, I could actually do something to build my own resiliency,” she says. “I was hooked and dedicated to the mission of spreading this same opportunity to anyone that I could.” By 2020, she officially joined the RFR staff, dedicating her days to supporting training teams and working closely with partners to ensure the successful delivery of their workshops and training.

Check out our full Q&A with Ashley below…

Tell us about your business and the role you play in it. 

At Resources for Resilience™ (RFR), we believe that every person can deepen their resilience. That is why we are sharing practical tools and research-based resources to teach people of all ages ways to manage their stress and find health, healing, compassion, and connection – even in difficult times. Our training and professional development workshops are intended to help people work together to prevent future adversity and create safer, healthier communities. We’re making resilience a reality by giving everyone the tools they need to thrive.  

I love having the opportunity to work closely with our partners while supporting our amazing training teams that make the successful delivery and experience of all our workshops and trainings possible.

Where did your vision begin? How has it grown?

Resources for Resilience began as a Non-Profit in 2017 offering our 2-day Reconnect for Resilience training here in WNC. We have since added a whole menu of offerings ranging from 1- hour, 1-day to our full 2-day training. We began training in school districts and working closely with teachers and school staff to create a resilient classroom. While we have continued those partnerships, we have continued to grow and expand our audiences, ranging from community serving organizations, first responders, healthcare, and beyond!

What made you choose the Asheville area?

Our founding members and creators of our Reconnect for Resilience are all strong women leaders all here in Buncombe County.

Where did your career find its start? How did you get involved with your company?

I was trained as a trainer of the curriculum back in 2017 and just completely fell in love with the transformation that our Resiliency Tools had in my life and how I was showing up. Suddenly, so many things about why I responded or reacted the way I did to certain stressors or events made so much sense. But the most transformational piece was that I had the power, I could actually do something to build my own resiliency. I was hooked and dedicated to the mission of spreading this same opportunity to anyone that I could. I enjoyed being a part of the training teams delivering our trainings throughout NC. I have met so many incredible fellow Resiliency Educators that share a mission and heart for this work. I was thrilled to join RFR officially as a staff member in 2020 where I have the opportunity to dedicate my days to this work. This is more than a job, more than a career. It is a life calling.

What’s a little-known fact or trivia about your business?

We have provided training to over 75% of the counties in NC and last year alone we provide over 200 trainings and workshops across NC.

What experiences do you strive to create for your customers?

We strive to ensure all our partners have felt that their whole experience with us from start to completion of training felt smooth and tailored just for them. Our hope is that all our partners and anyone in our trainings are walking away with a tool box to support their resiliency in simple and easy ways.

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