Oasis Recovery Center is meeting people where they are

August 25, 2021

With a combination of evidence-based and holistic practices, Oasis Recovery Center is helping people recover from addiction and the causes that led to the unhelpful coping mechanisms to begin with.

“We believe that treating a person intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually will lead to sustainable and worthwhile long-term recovery,” says Oasis Recovery Founder & CEO Jonathan Wood. 

Wood’s vision for the recovery center began four years ago when he moved to Asheville to be a real estate agent initially.

“I soon realized that there was a huge problem with addiction in the area and the number of people needing help was enormous,” Wood says. “Putting time and energy into something that is beneficial to the community and could help individuals from all walks of life was something that I have always had a passion for and decided to go this route instead.”

Wood decided to purchase two houses, turning them into sober living homes, one for women and one for men. People who were getting out of a treatment program needed a safe, sober environment to live, and Wood opened his doors. 

“Unknowingly, this was the first stepping stone in the path which led to Oasis Recovery opening up,” he says. “Since we opened almost three years ago, we have helped over a thousand individuals successfully complete our treatment program, going on to lead sober and successful lives.”

With a team of experienced, certified individuals running the center, Oasis meets people where they are and grows with them. 

“Oasis was founded by people in recovery, for people in recovery,” Wood says. “We are so proud of our certified staff and the work that they do here at Oasis and in the community. We honor the fact that the mind, body, and spirit take time to heal from the impact of addiction and we support our clients by offering many different techniques and modalities to facilitate this healing and establishing a solid foundation for continuous sobriety.”

These techniques include the ‘Oasis Model,’ which is designed to support clients in every step of their recovery fully. The center also uses an integral model, which takes perspectives from science, mindfulness, art, sociology/cultural anthropology, and therapeutic approaches, and incorporates practical and deliver results.

“Through extensive avenues of support, our program aims to accompany and assist recovering individuals, throughout each phase of their process,” Wood says. “Whether one is seeking intervention, an outpatient program, or extended aftercare, we are here to support them. We desire to empower those learning to face life, clean and sober. Through a diverse array of therapeutic services, with a focus on individualized care, our goals are: to help facilitate freedom from addiction, alleviate suffering, renew inspired action, and uncover a newfound purpose for each individual who walks through our doors.”

This fall, the center will be opening up a new detox facility in Asheville, which does not just cater to drug addiction, but also mental health. 

“We feel that mental health awareness is extremely important in today’s society. By working with other treatment programs in the area, this fall we are opening up another treatment center and detox facility in Tennessee called Knoxville Recovery Center which will include addiction treatment as well as mental health treatment. We will be taking individuals from the Asheville area into Knoxville, giving them a chance to get out of the environment they suffered in with addiction, as well as patients from all over the state and surrounding areas.”

Oasis Recovery Center is proud to be a part of the Asheville community, as well, and tries to give back as much as they can, including college scholarships, fundraisers to help people with addiction, treatment scholarships and sponsoring four little league teams. 

“We are so thankful to operate in such a special city and receive the love and support that we do. The people here are exceptional and we want to give back every chance we get…We could not have picked a better place to open a treatment center! Humans are put on earth to live and work with others in a community where we can thrive. Asheville is such a positive place to live and work and promotes a feeling of self-discovery.”

Learn more about Oasis Recovery Center and the work they are doing here.