AVL Greater Community Survey seeks input from Buncombe residents on plan for the future

January 24, 2019

Asheville, NC (Jan. 23, 2019) – It’s 2040. What kind of future will the greater Asheville community have? Buncombe County residents are invited to help envision the future by completing the AVL Greater Community Survey, part of the AVL Greater strategic foresight process being led by the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re leading an effort to plan for a future we can all be proud of,” said Kit Cramer, president and CEO of the Asheville Chamber. “We invite everyone in the community to share their input on what the community needs to be doing now to ensure a bright future.”

The survey can be accessed at www.avlgreater.org and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous. As an incentive, respondents will be entered in a weekly drawing for a $25 gift card.

Working with futurist Rebecca Ryan of NEXT Generation Consulting, Inc., AVL Greater encompasses the Asheville Chamber’s process for development of a five-year economic development strategic plan. AVL Greater takes an even broader view by bringing together a wide cross-section of community members to explore trends facing the community and to envision the future. The AVL Greater Community Survey builds on over 600 volunteer hours already invested and will be used to help set priorities.

“With AVL Greater, we’re taking a 20-year view of our future that will result in not just an economic development plan but a vision for the community that we invite other organizations to share,” Cramer said.

To learn more about AVL Greater and to take the survey, visit avlgreater.org.

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