Four Seasons receives 2018 Good Health Good Business Award

June 1, 2018

(June 1, 2018) – Known for their compassionate care of people with serious illnesses, Four Seasons Compassion for Life received the 2018 Good Health Good Business Award recipient for the care of their employees.

The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Good Health Good Business Award, presented by Pardee UNC Health Care, recognizes a business that demonstrates service and exceptional leadership that has improved the health of the Asheville area community.

Four Seasons Compassion for Life is a nationally recognized non-profit leader in the delivery of co-created care for people with a serious illness for our region. They are a trusted care navigator, providing hospice care, home care, and palliative care and many more managed care services for families and their loved ones.

In addition to caring for their patients and patient families, Four Seasons works diligently at improving the health and lives of their employees. The organization provides both monetary and emotional support. They have partnered with Pardee UNC Health Care to provide specific health education and robust wellness programs that have shown exceptional results.

“Four Seasons understands the value of their employees, both in the care they provide to patients and families and the support they offer to their fellow employees,” said Millicent Burke-Sinclair, CEO of Four Seasons Compassion for Life. “We know the benefits of a healthier lifestyle for our employees and the impact it has for the community-at-large.”

Results of Four Seasons’ employee wellness programs include significant weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, more active employees, fewer incidents of chronic disease, improved health scores and lower medication usage.

Kit Cramer, the Asheville Chamber’s president and CEO, said, “Congratulations to Four Seasons on receiving the Good Health Good Business award. Four Seasons knows that actively supporting employees in their quest for a healthier lifestyle has a positive long-term impact on employee health. And at the same time, companies like Four Seasons that foster employee wellness see positive business returns.”

The Good Health Good Business Award was presented to Four Seasons during the Asheville Chamber’s Chamber Challenge 5k Friday, June 1, 2018. Presented by Hedrick Industries, the 2018 Chamber Challenge celebrates workplace wellness through friendly competition between businesses with more than 1,200 people participating as individuals or through their company. For more on the Chamber Challenge, visit

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