Pro 16 Productions is helping businesses highlight their unique stories

February 2, 2022

Asheville-native André Daugherty, the owner of Pro 16 Productions, loves to help businesses highlight the “secret sauce” that makes them special.

“We all have a story to tell and telling your brand story not only helps clients connect with you, but also encourages them to feel better about working with your company,” Daugherty says. “Authenticity speaks volumes in business.”

With Pro 16 Productions, Daugherty is helping local businesses and nonprofits share their stories and expand their reach in the community. By doing so, he has managed to expand his own reach, as well.

Check out our full Q&A with Daugherty below…

Tell us about your business and the role you play in it.

My business is Pro 16 Productions, and I specialize in custom video creation for businesses. I work with my clients through the entire process from conception to production and help them highlight the “secret sauce” that makes a business special.

What is a little-known fact or trivia about your business?

A little-known fact is that we are one of the few minority-owned video specialists in WNC, although the number is growing, which is awesome!

How has your company grown over the years?

My clientele has expanded over the years from working exclusively with non-profits to partnering with larger businesses with 50 employees or more. My future goals include hiring additional staff and opening a studio to expand the reach of the company.

Where did your career find its start?

Pro 16 Productions came from the Bible verse Proverbs 16:3. I was very inspired by that verse and became determined to apply it to my business plans. My love for video started as the media director of my church, where I was a jack of all trades and was always curious about how things worked. Most of what I do involves problem-solving, which is why I excel in storytelling for businesses. Everyone has a unique brand story; we just need to solve the problem of how to tell it.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome? 

More often than not, my biggest hurdles in creating and running Pro 16 Productions have mostly been the battles that I face when I look in the mirror every morning. Often as a creative, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and social media can cause you to doubt yourself or compare yourself to others. It helps me to remind myself every day that waking up and doing what you love for a living is a blessing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Other challenges involved business planning, exposure, and generating clients and in Asheville, we have some amazing support partners for businesses to help with that, no matter what the size of your business is. I’m thankful for the Asheville Chamber, Mountain Bizworks, Western Woman’s Business Center to name just a few. It’s a wonderful feeling to feel supported as a business owner, and that’s exactly how I feel.

The greatest business advice you have ever been given?

The greatest business advice given to me was from my good friend and mentor Jared Kay of Amplified Media. “Do something that might scare you at least once a day”. It sounds crazy, but sometimes we need to put ourselves in positions to grow, and we rarely grow when we are comfortable. My first job when I get clients in front of the camera is to reassure them of what I know they can do. We all have a story to tell and telling your brand story not only helps clients connect with you, but also encourages them to feel better about working with your company. Authenticity speaks volumes in business.

What is most important to you and your company right now?

The most important focus of Pro 16 Productions currently is to find ways to build on the three C’s: Community, Conversation, and Collaboration. I am an Asheville native and love our community, regardless of the growing pains and challenges we now face. I believe that if you prioritize community, work to have conversations, and encourage collaboration, it will lead to sustained business for years to come. I am proud to count myself as just one of the amazing storytellers in this town, and my future goals include working with them to create awesome projects instead of competing to get ahead. There is enough work for all of us to be successful if we collaborate. I truly believe that.

What else would you like to share?

I know some of the hardest lessons in business I have yet to learn, but I am both excited and encouraged about what the future holds because I am blessed with amazing clients and a resilient community that I believe has the strength to overcome anything. Our community will never run out of stories, and I love seeing the face of my clients when they watch their video playing for the first time. No matter what your brand is, there’s a video waiting to be created that will match your vision and inspire your clients to action. Let’s work together to create that vision today!

Photo Credit: Red Angle Photography