VaVaVooom Boutique is Redefining Intimate Wellness

February 2, 2024

VaVaVooom Boutique, founded in 2008 by Lisa Genevieve Ziemer, stands as a unique and empowering presence in the intimate wellness industry. The Asheville-based lingerie and toy shop was established to fill a crucial gap in the market, focusing on providing a female-oriented space that prioritizes body-safe products and a commitment to conscious sexuality.

“VaVaVooom actively promotes body positivity, self-care, and personal growth, reflecting an aesthetic that is refined, romantic, and inclusive,” shares Ziemer.

The boutique goes beyond the typical adult toy shop experience, offering high-quality intimate wellness items with a focus on eco-conscious apparel and educational books.

Read our full Q&A with Ziemer below…

Tell us about your business and the role you play in it. 

“I founded VaVaVooom Boutique in 2008 based on a need I saw for a truly female oriented lingerie & toy shop in Asheville. I was very concerned that a lot of adult products intended for internal and external use were made with toxic materials and ingredients that may irritate sensitive intimate zones in the body. So I decided to go against industry standards and only carry toys which we consider body-safe, as well as a large assortment of wearable sensual and fantasy items and pleasure products for adult play. 

Vavavooom presents a boutique atmosphere that goes beyond the typical lingerie or adult toy shop experience. Vavavooom offers high-quality intimate wellness items in a safe, comfortable setting, attended by knowledgeable staff. We are actively committed to conscious sexuality, body positivity and self-care. We carefully curate body-safe adult toys and sexy lingerie, eco-conscious apparel, and educational books to promote personal growth and relational well-being. Our aesthetic is refined and romantic, and all are welcome.”

Tell us about your company culture.

“VaVaVooom is designed to reflect an orientation toward a lively, fun, primarily feminine aesthetic within a setting of sexual wellness. Most of our staff is female identifying or non-binary, and certainly very independent in their self-perceptions, and encouraging all who visit to own their own power and pleasure according to each person’s ethical perspectives.”

What is your company’s relationship with the community?

“VaVaVooom was established locally 15 years ago, and is 100% woman owned. We affiliate with many other local organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, and offer referrals to medical and therapeutic professionals in the area. Our client base includes both local folks and tourists from all over the Southeast region who seek us out as a safe, beautiful space to expand and enhance their sophistication in the fine arts of intimacy and sexuality.”

What does “hospitality” mean to you?

“The staff at VaVaVooom knows that each person entering our space is welcomed as they would be welcomed into a home. With safety, warmth and comfort.”

What experiences do you strive to create for your customers?

“A fresh, well-lit, clean and inviting ambience so different from most other shops that sell intimate products.”

Which person or establishment inspires you the most?

“Esther Perele, Brene Brown and Bessel Van der Kolk are all authors whose popular books have brought new thinking into the arenas of well-being, and interpersonal relationships. Encouraging clients in moving away from the traditional shaming of sexuality, especially women’s sexuality, recovering from trauma and embracing pleasure, has been the motivation for continuing this work.”

What’s been your company’s most innovative idea?

“The promotion of body-safe adult toys. The industry does not, overall, self-regulate, and the FDA does not regulate adult toys. The bulk of the items described as “novelties” contain harmful plasticizers made from petroleum based products, which can also be be porous, causing bacterial infections and even cancer. Not desirable in highly absorptive mucous membrane body parts.”

What do you enjoy most about working in your industry?

“The sharing of ideas and information across a broad spectrum of folks, both staff and clients.”

What is your company vision? How do you reflect it in daily work?

“To normalize conscientious human sexuality and encourage acceptance in that we all live on a spectrum, including across genders and with our lifestyle choices.”

Through your experiences, what have you learned about customer service?

“That everyone has something interesting to say, and curiosity promotes deeper relationship.”

How did you come up with your idea or concept for your business? How did you decide on a name?

“Based on a need. At the time I established this business, here were no shops that I felt comfortable going into myself that sold adult product.”

What makes your business unique in its field?

“A high aesthetic and self-care awareness.”

How many employees do you have? And what qualities do you look for when hiring?

“We have 8-10 between full time and part time. Enthusiasm, a solid knowledge base, and curiosity.”