Allure Medical focuses on disease prevention

August 8, 2019

Allure Medical’s founder, Dr. Charkes Mok, has seen way too many preventable health emergencies in his 25-year career. That’s why his medical focus is centered around disease prevention. Read our Q+A with the Allure team below to learn more about what their disease prevention practice entails.

Tell us more about the back story of Allure Medical

Allure Medical’s founder, Dr. Charles Mok, has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. He completed his post-graduate training in emergency medicine and saw countless patients with health emergencies that were completely preventable. He founded Allure Medical in 2003, one of the largest and most successful practices of its kind in the country. Allure Medical has transitioned into helping patients with disease prevention.

Where did the vision begin? How has it grown?

Allure Medical began initially as a leader in elective cosmetic medical and surgical treatments in Michigan. Dr. Mok’s vision grew into a passion for saving US healthcare costs by offering regenerative services that are designed to prevent disease. These services include treating vein disease and ugly legs through venous ablations, treating arthritic knees with stem cells rather than doing knee replacements, and providing hormone replacement therapy to address diabetes, obesity, and breast cancer.

What brought Allure Medical to Asheville?

With the growth of Dr. Mok’s vision, the logical next step was to bring these services into areas that are going to save healthcare. Asheville was recognized as an area that was in need of our services and further the vision of the company. We go to these areas, set up a vein practice first and then bring in the other healthcare- saving treatments. Venous ablations for treating vein disease are not offered in many areas of the country. Instead, patients will go into a never-ending cycle of wound care and doctor visits to treat their leg pain symptoms, which eventually turn into wounds.

What is a little known fact about your organization?

When we acquire practices in other states, we share our techniques, culture, and how we scale up our business model. The goal is for the acquired practices to be able to treat more and more people with leg disease.