Asheville Salt Cave has become popular meeting space for creative businesses

October 22, 2013

For many businesses conducting strategic planning or important meetings, “thinking outside the box” is a key concept in producing creative, new approaches to solve old problems. Where these meetings are held can encourage and promote the kind of thinking and innovation that’s needed for success. 

Asheville Salt Cave has become a popular meeting space for local businesses who are thinking outside the traditional conference room “box” because they recognize that a healthy and well balanced body has a natural ability to deal with reasonable stress and to regenerate physically and mentally during sleep.

Asheville’s salt cave can accommodate up to 25 people in “sling back” style seating. They have the capability of connecting computers to their projection and audio systems to display a short video or power point presentation.

Benefits of holding a staff meeting in the salt cave:
1.improves concentration
2.relieves stress
3.improves sleep, which in turn, helps to stimulate more productivity
4.boosts the immune system, resulting in less frequent illness among employees

How does a salt cave do all this? The salt cave isolates the individual in a stress-free environment that provides healing on a variety of levels while allowing the body to reassert its natural healthy balance. The negative charge and high surface energy of sole (pronounced so-lay) empowers the salt particles to penetrate internal airways more deeply, bonding with positive ions and calming and relaxing internal muscles as the nervous system re-balances. The same action is simultaneously performed externally as charged particles coat the skin, reducing chronic hypersensitivity caused by environmental stresses and encouraging cellular regeneration. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the body’s toxic load, giving relief to an overburdened immune system.

Discuss your company’s meeting space needs with their manager/owner, Jodie Appel, by calling (828) 236-5999.