Avadim showcases topical muscle nutrition therapies at National Athletic Trainers’ Association Expo

June 28, 2017


PHUEL Recognized by Athletic Trainers and Leading Clinicians To 
Train Harder & Recover Faster

Avadim Technologies Inc. (“Avadim”), the Bionome TherapiesTM life sciences company, today announced that the company will showcase its topical muscle nutrition therapy product, “PHUEL”, at the 68th National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, the world’s premier exhibition in sports medicine, on June 26-29 in Houston, Texas. The brand will host some of the nation’s top clinicians, and visitors to booth #9077. This year’s symposia is expected to bring the largest display of athletic training supplies and services under one roof – more than any other trade show in the country – with over 300 exhibitors and thousands of athletic trainers.

“We are excited to showcase our innovative muscle nutrition therapies with the help of the country’s leading clinicians at this year’s NATA Clinical Symposia,” said Steve Woody, Chairman and CEO of Avadim Technologies. “Unlike other topical therapies that provide a superficial heating or cooling effect like those containing menthol, our products are the first of their kind to optimize muscle function and assist in muscle recovery. Nearly 60 NCAA programs and professional teams like the Washington Capitals, Tampa Bay Rays, and New York Knicks currently depend on our solutions to optimize muscle recovery – and we’re looking forward to building our relationship with more of the nation’s most prestigious athletic trainers.”

PHUEL is a non-toxic, topical muscle nutrition therapy designed to relieve training-associated discomfort like muscle tightness and delayed-onset muscle soreness. Currently used to support rehabilitation for sports injuries and much more, PHUEL has been clinically studied by some of the most prestigious university sports medicine institutions to confirm its evidence in overall muscle performance and has demonstrated to provide a quick response with a very low risk. Highly recognized as a game-changer by athletic industry leaders for its high optimal muscle performance, PHUEL is available without a prescription and comes in an easy-to-use topical foam, actuated spray, or saturated towel. It is also total body safe, non-systemic – and is recommended to be applied only where needed.

Avadim Technologies’ on-site demonstrations will be led by some of the leading industry professionals in physical therapy and sports medicine. If you’re interested in an on-site demonstration of PHUEL, or would like to review clinical research on the effects of PHUEL on muscle recovery, delayed onset muscle soreness, and exertion, please visit booth #9077 at the NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo, in Houston, Texas on June 26-29. For more information on Avadim Technologies Inc. and its line of therapies, please visit http://avadimtechnologies.com/, like PHUEL on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TopicalMuscleNutrition/ or follow PHUEL on Instagram and Twitter at @phuelyou.