Avadim Technologies announces product launch

July 19, 2017

Avadim is excited to announce that the Theraworx® Relief Pharmacy launch is just around the corner. They now have commitments from over 30,000 pharmacies to date and are in negotiations with many others.  A few of their customers include Rite Aid, CVS and Cardinal. With their partner, Guthy/Renker, they plan to launch their radio campaign on July 31, 2017 in 200 markets and will also be launching their new Theraworx® Relief website and announcing their celebrity spokesperson at that time (stayed tuned). Avadim’s national TV campaign is scheduled to  begin in October, 2017.

Theraworx® Relief has been clinically tested in three different clinical settings and Avadim is happy to report their clinical evidence is strong and substantiates Theraworx® Relief as a solution for the 29 million diagnosed with daily suffering from night cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  It is Avadim’s hope to expand into every major chain in the US which totals over 70,000 pharmacies. 
Chain                                                       Locations

CVS                                                           9,600
Cardinal                                                     8,000
Rite Aid                                                      4,400
Good Neighbor Pharmacy/ABC                 3,200
Kinray                                                         2,000
American Associated Pharmacies             2,000
Super Value                                               2,000
Kinney Drug                                                 101
Meijer                                                           223
Big Y                                                              93
Giant Eagle                                                  420
Price Chopper                                              136
Raley’s                                                         138
RDC                                                             500
Shopko                                                         363