CAYLA intern Asia Porter reflects on an enjoyable experience

August 3, 2012

Asia Porter, intern with the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce through the City of Asheville Youth League Association, took a moment recently to reflect on her summer experience. 

“The week of July 30th – August 3rd marks my last week interning at the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce. I had a blast working in each department and understanding how everybody’s job contributed to the Chamber. I walked into this experience with an open mind and an open heart so I wasn’t left disappointed. 

“My favorite part about this job was being of great assistance to everybody, especially Tonya in Finance and Operations. The week I was assigned to work with her, the Chamber was closing their fiscal year. I helped her organized files and send out invoices and billing statements. I plan to come back and help her throughout the next couple of months. 

“Economic Development was my favorite department. I enjoyed working with Jess & Laura. They were extremely friendly, and we formed an instant bond. Membership was the friendliest department. I loved seeing how they interact with the members and how they check on them to make sure that all their needs are met. The Convention & Visitors Bureau was the most creative area. I was able to attend meetings in which they talked about their latest projects and the exploreasheville.commobile site. Their efforts to reach out are bound to receive positive responses! Working with Charlie and Elaine in the Visitor Center was awesome because they are so amazing; they make sure all the visitors find what they need, and are satisfied and comfortable.  Last, but certainly not least, in Public Policy, Jeff & Laura are some very smart individuals. Even though it’s just the two of them they get a lot of work done. 

“I truly enjoyed my internship at the Chamber; this is by far the best job experience ever.”