A Q+A with the Children’s Home Society

December 4, 2018

The Children’s Home Society is an incredible Asheville-area non-profit that works with public social service agencies and many community partners to help every child have a permanent, safe, and loving family. Learn more about their challenges, victories, and the role their services play in our community in our Q+A with Alex Kelly, Director of Engagement.

Tell us more about the backstory of the Children’s Home Society.

Since 1902, Children’s Home Society has been one of North Carolina’s leading resources ensuring that every child has a permanent, safe, and loving family. CHS works with public social service agencies and many community partners to help parents create a safe, positive setting for children to grow and thrive, to preserve families, and when necessary, to provide children with a healthy family setting through foster care or adoption. CHS is committed to our vision of being a leader in transforming families and communities so children can thrive. CHS staff and programs serve children and families in all 100 North Carolina counties.

What has been your greatest challenge? Your greatest victory?

Our current challenge is supporting the need for more CHS families who can foster children coming into care.  There are over 386 children in foster care in Buncombe County alone, and we can currently only say yes to children who need our families 18% of the time. Our challenge involves reaching families in our community who are thinking about fostering and/or adopting.  If you or someone you know may be interested, please reach out to Alex Kelly at akelly@chsnc.org or 828-772-8113.  You can also learn more at our website, mentioned above. Our greatest victory is helping over 200 children last year and over 16,000 in our history, find permanency with a safe, loving family through adoption.

What is a little know fact about your organization?

We are statewide and are the largest private, non-profit child welfare agency in NC.  We partner with all 100 counties to provide trauma-informed services and quality support so that we can support families.

What does the word “community” mean to you?

At CHS, we know that community means families.  Community can be transformed through families.  Our foster families provide an opportunity for children in foster care to realize their greatest potential.  Families are there to care for and support children when they need it most.  At CHS, we are there for our families to guide you and provide the necessary tools so that you can have a positive impact on families and our community.