Meet Christian Albers: Asheville’s new motorbiking CPA

March 18, 2019

Christian Albers, a CPA with more than twenty years of experience at three of the largest public accounting firms in the world, found his way from Atlanta to Asheville by way of his red Ducati motorcycle.

“Biking has always helped me manage stress and preserve a good work-life balance,” says Albers. “I found out about Asheville on bike trips through the Blue Ridge Parkway and I thought it was a really beautiful place…And I thought, why don’t I open up my own tax practice here?”

With so much intensive experience in the field, Albers wants to make taxes as simple–and dare we say fun–as possible for his clients. Hanging in his office on Rankin Avenue, you’ll find a poster of his favorite motorbiker Valentino Rossi, one of the most renowned bikers in the world who is also admired for his lively personality. As a nod to this spirit, Albers’ logo is a spirited blue and yellow image of a motorcycle.

“People want to sleep at night and know their taxes are handled and done right. I try to make my motto taxes made easy. There’s left and right brained people. So I bring the left brain services for them. I like to make it painless and a little more fun for people who don’t necessarily want to deal with the pragmatic world of taxes.”

Albers has special expertise in real estate and helping high net-worth individuals. He’s also worked with large and small businesses in Miami and Atlanta, and is interested in taking on clients for retirement planning.

“I’ve had a very diverse client base, forging all different kinds of relationships with clients and helping businesses grow. In all these relationships I have emphasized the importance of professionalism and respect,” he says.

In this new phase of business, Albers is excited to bring Ashevilleans the high level of quality usually associated with a big four firm to the local marketplace. Since he started his private firm in June and joined the Chamber in December, Albers has really enjoyed meeting business folk through the Chamber’s networking events.

“We try to add value to a business not just by doing their tax return, but by helping them plan financially. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with local businesses and learning what they’re doing, helping people get smart about saving for their future with retirement, and helping people set up their businesses in the best way possible.”