“Coaching Skills for the Busy Manager” presented by Steve Rudolph

May 16, 2017

Successful workplace culture in Asheville restaurants and businesses doesn’t magically happen because Asheville has landed in the top spot of another “best-of” list. 

High performing workplace culture is the result of hiring great people, coupled with effective and inspiring management and leadership. 

On Thursday, June 1, Steve Rudolph brings his pragmatic training approach to the public with “Workplace Coaching Skills for the Busy Manager.” 

This one day, fast-paced workshop equips managers with the fundamental skills and tools to be an effective workplace coach, regardless of industry.

“Attracting and retaining top industry talent begins with skilled managers and leaders,” Rudolph said. “We know the sobering reality that people rarely quit companies, they quit managers. However, managers who regularly coach and develop their team members gain the reputation of being talent magnets.”

Rudolph’s Fortune 500 clients include Novo Nordisk and Fidelity National Title.  Locally,  Steve delivers management and leadership workshops for Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (AIR) and the Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). He most recently conducted a workshop at the Asheville CVB’s National Tourism Week Summit examining the core traits of high performing sales people.

“A result of Steve’s training has raised my teams’ focus on delivering results, bringing clarity to our strategy and vision, and created better manager-coaches to my staff,” said Keith Gallo, general manager of Posana Restaurant in downtown Asheville. “The coaching processes, including one-on-ones, has been invaluable to building a high performing culture.”

For more information and to register for Workplace Coaching Skills for the Busy Manager visit http://steverudolphcoaching.com. The workshop will be held at Goodwill Training Center at 1616 Patton Avenue on Thursday, June 1 from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Participants must pre-register.


Having grown up in the restaurant business, including owning a successful steakhouse, Steve is obsessed with hospitality and building customer loyalty. Effective management, in his opinion, is the key driver for sustained operational success. Steve’s signature Coaching Skills for Managers program has delivered measured performance results for a wide range of industry leaders.