Emerald Village’s RockFest to include 400-year-old Spanish fort

August 31, 2015

Just added to the RockFest line-up is the chance to learn first-hand about one of the most significant archaeological finds of the century.
Archaeologists led by Dr. David Moore have discovered the remains of a 448-year-old Spanish fort & town just 50 miles (a day’s march) from Little Switzerland.   
At 4:00 PM Saturday, September 5th, as a special RockFest treat, Dr. Moore of Warren Wilson College will share the discovery of Fort San Juan, built in 1567! It is now known to be THEoldest European settlement in the interior of the United States and predates Jamestown and the “Lost Colony”! And for those keeping track of unique facts the final score at Fort San Juan was Indians (1) and Spaniards (0)! This discovery has upset US history books and you’ll be amazed to learn how close we came to becoming a part of Spain! 
And yes, there are legends of Spaniards mining in Little Switzerland! This very special free treat will be held rain or shine at 4:00 Saturday, September 5th!