Essential Journeys releases liquid soap.

July 6, 2012

Essential Journeys Soaps recently released new liquid soap in one gallon refill containers.

This is not your average liquid soap,” said Essential Journeys founder Kimberly Masters. “Not only is it made right here in Western NC, we use ingredients sustainable by nature. We call it The Love Child of Grapefruit & Soap.”
The hand and body wash is made from biodegradable surfactants, derived from sunflowerseed oil and combined with Oat Extracts. These natural botanicals help skin ward off the drying effects of the elements and retain moisture long after use.
The refill one-gallon containers are an efficient, economical, ecological, carbon-conscious alternative to standard containers. The collapsible bottles are made from flexible films (BPA free), use 33% less material than a comparable SUP and allow all contents to be used eliminating potential of wasted product. 

Essential Journeys offers special pricing for stores, restaurants and offices.