Everyday Gourmet: June’s Small Biz of the Month

May 29, 2019

Odds are, you’ve probably enjoyed the fresh and creative cuisine of Everyday Gourmet at one our events. Since purchasing the company in 2011, Alisia Parrott has quadrupled Everyday Gourmet in size and is now working on creating a brick and mortar location in the next five years. We majorly admire this catering company’s commitment towards building community through business. Learn more in our Q+A below!

Tell us a little of the history of the company.

I purchased this company in March of 2011. Since that time we have quadrupled in size. The focus is to continue to stay on the forefront of our customer service as well as expand our relationships with other local businesses both as vendors as clients.

Little known fact or trivia about your company.

Kitchens are like group therapy. While our hands are busy we are sharing up a storm. Parenting challenges, relationship advise, coaching each other towards personal goals, supporting each other in grief; we have covered it all and it has created an intimate work family.

What are you most proud of about the company?

Our values; the company culture has created a sweet loyalty among all team members. And as an added bonus we have a wicked sense of humor and work is really fun, even at four in the morning!

Best advice you’ve gotten for operating a small business.

Hire people stronger than you to help promote your personal growth, or to grow your business in an area you have stalled.

Tips for other small businesses?

There is no shame is asking for help, no person and no entrepreneur is an expert in every component of running a small business. Using resources to assist the areas you are struggling with is the only way to level up.

What’s next on the horizon?

The five year plan includes a brick and mortar. We would like to have more space to accommodate growth as well as possibly diversify our offerings such as cooking classes, commissary kitchen rental space, or small event space.

Our mission is building community through business. How does that apply to your business or what does it mean to you?

This applies heavily to my business. Originally, I thought catering was so much about the grand events of weddings and such. I naturally began to gravitate towards more corporate catering. It took a minute for me to notice this, but I realized how much I have loved building relationships from repeat business. These relationships and weaving into a network where fellow entrepreneurs (especially women-owned businesses) are the essence of community. I have become a stronger individual and my business has only become healthier through these connections that morph into friendships. I feel so lucky to be in Asheville, a place (Ahem, with the Best Chamber EVER) that is so incredibly supportive of small business growth and the pursuit of dreams.