Frankie Bones unveils new 600-calorie menu

November 13, 2012

Perfectly seared sea scallops are gently laid atop a masterful culinary creation of rice pilaf and sautéed fresh arugula. A signature pineapple cucumber slaw completes the flavorful dish.  And the best part is the entire entrée is less than 600 calories…certified!
Change is in the air this Fall at Frankie Bones Restaurant. Chef Erik Freeman has been hard at work with noted area dietician, Laura Tolle, creating The Fresh Grille Menu, which will offer 10 seasonally inspired entrees with less than 600 total calories each.
“Our guests continue to want fresh local ingredients and creative recipes,” comments Paul Norris, managing partner at Frankie Bones, “but we’ve also seen a revived desire for truly healthy options.”  This “right for the times” menu offers our guests a complete dining experience with great tasting food that offers positive lifestyle benefits as well. 
“This is exciting news for everyone,” said Laura Tolle. “But especially for those in the medical field who can now confidently recommend a local restaurant that guarantees a healthy dining experience.”
Frankie Bones meets the taste expectations of today’s culinary savvy adults and will continue to offer guests’ their favorite big foods and drinks, but will now feature the Fresh Grille menu along side the traditional offerings.