Get in… get out… feel better – new program at Three Streams

January 16, 2013

Beginning Monday, January 7, 2013 Three Streams launched a new program for acute care needs. For those without insurance accessing primary care is difficult but the financial hardship that many face when seeking acute care creates additional hardships. Three Streams began a program 2 years ago with a grant from the Community Benefit Program of Mission Hospital that allowed us to offer a minor acute care clinic. This program grew quickly and we now realize that many in our area are in need of this service. We have taken this program to a new level of care by creating a schedule that allows us to move patients in and out of our acute care clinic in under 1.5 hours. Streamlining our process from beginning to end, creating a more cohesive point of care will allow us to give excellent care while being respectful of our patient’s time. The cost is $30 with no additional cost for testing, radiography or procedures. Our new hours are Monday 3:30-7pm, Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-8:30pm, Friday 9-4:30pm and Saturday 10-2pm. We look forward to continuing to serve our community with excellent and affordable healthcare in both the primary and acute care setting.

New staff at Three Streams:

Juan Herrara is our newest member of our medical team. Juan is a medical assistant and has a heart to serve. His wonderful smile and contagious laugh eases any patient’s fears as they enter our office. Thank you to being a part of our team Juan!

Abbey George is our new Nurse Coordinator. Abbey has many years of experience and is doing an excellent job. Her compassion and tenderness are great qualities and all of our patients are enjoying getting to know her.

Monika Gurley is a new medical assistant and also has taken on our Medication Assistance Coordination. Monika has her hands full but is handling the multiple layers of her position very well. We welcome you Monika!

Father Jim Swatzell is our staff clergy and fills a very big need at Three Streams. We have always believed in the importance of the body, mind and spirit connection and from the beginning have tried to address those needs. Father Jim is here throughout the week, visiting with patients in the waiting room or in the exam room, visiting them while in the hospital or at home convalescing or praying for those throughout the week that have asked for prayer. We are blessed to have Father Jim on the team and have seen positive results already. Thank you Father Jim for reaching out and touching the lives of our patient’s!