Government contracting conference announced

January 27, 2014

Opportunities 2014 will be held at the Grove Park Inn on March 10. This biannual conference and trade show allows small businesses to learn how to do business with local, state and federal government agencies and prime contractors. The event is a “reverse” trade show where government agencies and prime contractors are the exhibitors.

This is an opportunity for small businesses to market products and services directly to over 50 federal, state, and local government agencies and large prime contractors in one day. “Small businesses will have the chance to choose which agencies and large companies to approach about buying their products or services and talk directly with a representative of that organization,” said Mark Mills, Director of the NC Procurement Technical Assistance Program.

In addition to the trade show, an informative series of seminars on government contracting are available both for seasoned contract professionals and for businesses new to government subcontracting.

Registration is $70 and includes lunch. For more information or to register for the event, visit or call Jonathan Russo at (828) 251-6025 ext. 26.