GRFS expands the workplace with @Home jobs

January 25, 2013

Most of the jobs being filled at Guthy|Renker Fulfillment Services over the next few weeks let you turn your morning commute into a walk down the hall.

Using online training modules and video conferencing that keeps supervisors in touch with their agents, the GRFS @Home program is enabling additional growth of the customer care services the company provides for their Guthy|RenkerTM brands.  

The @Home approach has worked so well that GRFS is adding more than 100 new positions over the next 60 days in an expansion of its customer service programs for computer technology and consumer products.  A few commissioned sales positions are available as well, according to the company.

The company will host a job fair to help fill the new positions on Friday February 8th at its 1845 Brevard Road headquarters in Arden.  Applicants may also visit the company’s website to apply online prior to the job fair.  

Call Center Director Debbie Jones said that approximately two-thirds of new hires for 2013 are expected to go into the GRFS @Home Agent program.   This is the first year GRFS plans to hire more agents working from home than in their brick and mortar facilities, according to Jones.

“Until we had our online training and supervision platforms built we were limited to hiring people who could come to our premises to train and work.  Now we’re able to deliver the information and support they need to be successful right into their homes,” she said.

Most of the new jobs will be targeted to applicants with recent model computers and fast internet connections who qualify for the work-at-home program.

“At a certain point, we simply run out of space here in the call center.  If we want to continue to expand our business, we can either keep building bigger buildings or fully utilize the new technologies,” said Jones.  “We now have the tools to extend the company beyond our physical facilities.”

Applicants must live in either North Carolina or Louisiana.  More information about the job openings is available at

GRFS provides inbound call center and order fulfillment services for direct marketers and Fortune 1000 companies. Founded in 1978, the company has over 650 employees nationwide. GRFS has call center facilities in Arden, NC and Covington, LA, in addition to order fulfillment operations in Arden and in Orange County, CA. To learn more, please visit .