At The Horse Shoe Farm, there’s magic in the air

February 7, 2019

The Horse Shoe Farm bestows an undeniable magic upon all who visit. Through the visionary work of Jordan Turchin and the Turchin Companies, the once rundown 85-acre property that borders the French Broad River and peers out at sunset views of Mt. Pisgah, has transformed into a retreat center and venue that caters to anyone looking for a peaceful farm stay experience.

“There’s something inherently and energetically amazing on this land,” said Jordan, the property’s Principal manager. “When I turned into the gates for the first time, it took my breath away. That’s something I hear a lot. It’s a very healing place.”

Jordan, who has spent much of his life between Turchin Companies’ developments in Miami and North Carolina, is the fourth Turchin to work for the family’s multigenerational business that has made an international name for itself as the largest builder in Miami, a luxury real estate developer, and creator of extraordinary lifestyles, among other things. The present CEO of the company is Jordan’s father, John Turchin.

Each Turchin brings their own sense of flair to the family legacy. Early in his career, Jordan was a show business extraordinaire, working in Hollywood as an actor, screenwriter, and producer. But after struggling with some health issues, getting married and having his first child, the Los Angeles lifestyle resonated with him less and less.

“When I was working in the entertainment industry, I got into holistic living, spirituality, health and wellness, and it really started to fill me and interest me, more so than anything else I was doing. I had struggled with health issues for about ten years of my life, and after I transformed my diet, got heavily into yoga and meditation, I started to notice major differences in my health. It was transformational,” he said.

Not long after that, Jordan made the leap back to the east coast and started working with his father John on The Horse Shoe Farm, a Turchin Companies project that was initially supposed to be a new housing development.

After noticing the natural beauty of the land and the potential of the twelve existing infrastructures on the property, Jordan encouraged his father to “think about how amazing this place could be as a retreat center.” John was receptive. With an army of contractors, they set to work converting the buildings into luxe lodges and tranquil retreat centers.

“Our style has always been about creating beauty that you can feel comfortable in, where you can put your feet up and relax. That’s always been a core value of things we design and do,” said Jordan.

“We can sleep fifty people here. We’ve got a commercial kitchen, two 6,000 foot climate-controlled event spaces, a game room, pastures for horses. The magic comes when a group comes in and we customize a experience for them.”

Jordan’s deep-reaching knowledge of holistic wellness inspires many of the special amenities available on the property, including a yoga sanctuary, juice bar, meditative labyrinth, and luxury spa. The farm also offers seven deluxe lodging options and five event spaces that range in scale and style. For large groups, there’s also the option to rent out the entire farm property.

“Every structure that has been here is still here—but it’s been reinvented. The opening of this property coincided with my parents closing a furniture store they had open for 20 years, so all these antiques and pieces of artwork found themselves here… An old church pew from England is in the living room space. A chandelier that hung in my dad’s restaurant, then a nightclub, then the dining room of our home, now hangs in the yoga studio. It’s all come together in an amazing way.”

After opening for business in July, Jordan is excited to spread the word about The Horse Shoe Farm while he continues to inspire magic on the property.

“I think for some people, being able to come to a place that’s so beautiful and have this much space… I see that bring people into a deeper place. I just want to give people a base where people’s creature comforts are met and they have the opportunity to explore different elements of themselves.”