Jeeves and Bertie return to NC Stage

January 9, 2018

After breaking every box office and attendance record in its 15-year history with her first two adaptations of PG. Wodehouse stories, Margaret Raether’s wonderful work returns to NC Stage Company with a new tale, Jeeves Takes a Bow on January 24, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

Everyone’s favorite hapless hero, Bertie Wooster and his remarkable manservant Jeeves return to North Carolina Stage Company to embark on an American adventure armed only with Bertie’s handsome fortune and his talent for trouble. 

Under the brilliant direction of Angie Flynn-McIver, Co-founder and Producing Director at North Carolina Stage Company actors Michael MacCauley and Scott Treadway will reprise their roles as the delightful duo of Jeeves, a proper valet, and Bertie Wooster, the “doltish” yet loveable English gentleman. When a childhood friend gets Bertie mixed up with a vengeful thug named “Knuckles” McCann, he ends up mistakenly engaged to the meddling Vivienne Duckworth. Even the illustrious Jeeves may not be up to the task.

British upper crust meets the New York mob in this witty play. Charlie Flynn-McIver, John Hall, Maria Buchanan and Lauren Fortuna will round out the cast in this new Wodehouse story that is sure to bring a dose of laughter and light to the dark days of winter.

Special Theme Nights:

Wednesday, January 24: Pay What You Wish Night

Choose your own price on a sliding scale of $6-$20 for this preview performance.

Thursday, January 25: Free Buffet Night

Arrive early to this preview performance to enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres catered by Greenlife.

Friday, January 26: $1 Beer Night

Love Beer City? Beer is $1 all night long at the concessions bar. Join us after the show to get an insider’s look at the creative process.

Saturday, January 27: Opening Night Champagne Toast

Join us for a complimentary champagne toast to the cast and crew following the performance.