John Laughter Jewelry honored as Small Business of the Month

August 7, 2015

The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to recognize John Laughter Jewelry as Small Business of the Month. 

John Laughter Jewelry is a family business with locations in south Asheville and Waynesville. 

The company’s core values are respect, integrity and diligence to bring dignity to their employees, customers, vendors and community.

“We list these values in the store and on the back our business cards so that we are held accountable by our customers and the community,” John Laughter said.

John Laughter has been serving customers with fine jewelry since 1973 through John Laughter Jewelry since 2008.

“The key to our success is the 17 people that work to make our core values a reality,” he says. “Each team member is highly ethical and diligent to to factually represent our jewelry and to care for the jewelry of our customers. We like to carry jewelry that is highly crafted and of the quality and styles to become family heirlooms. We love objects of beauty and believe that beauty lends dignity to life. This love of beauty helps us connect with people and ensures that every service we provide is of the highest quality possible.”

When asked about the best advice he’s received for running a small business, John referred to advice he got while working shining shoes in a barber shop at age 13. 

“It has stood out in my mind and I strive to live it out. That is, that every person that walks in the store has high value, regardless of his/her social or economic standing.”

From that, John says, the staff of John Laughter Jewelry value every customer whether that is someone having a ring cleaned or someone buying a $250,000 diamond. 

That commitment to customer service allows the company to build repeat customers and sell to successive generations. 

This attention to the dignity of others has allowed us to grow without the need to depend on a large marketing budget,” John said. “It’s a pleasure and honor to help a young man select an engagement ring whose father and grandfather I helped select engagement rings”

The company is working to ensure that John Laughter Jewelry tradition is carried into the next tradition. What a honor it will be to help great-great-great grandchildren of out customers select their engagement ring!