Meet New Chamber Member

February 16, 2009

What We Do
With our home country and overseas based team we bridge the service gap and sales process between the buyer (our valued client) and the insurer as related to the medical provider (physicians, hospitals, laboratories, dentists, evacuation companies, and so on):
We customize delivery of medical care and services to our clients at concierge level
Such services are provided by healthcare providers whom we serve by delivering patients
We exert influence over the reimbursement process (medical care payments by insurers) since we work closely with them and they invariably want to increase sales (a process in which we also play a role as licensed brokers)
We administer claims on behalf of clients and we set up provider networks, assist with hospital admission finance (guaranty payment letters)
We offer our clients a competitive advantage because we have the ability based on technical knowledge to offer and service over a 100 different plans from 20 major insurers worldwide

How Did We Do It?

Over the past 20 years, we learned a lot from our clients, overseas experience and by observing the marketplace and the behaviors of the players. We developed core values of knowledge and competency, honesty and trust, long-term reliability and efficiency, and value for money.

As an experienced hand, we’ve witnessed a lot and participated in what was or what was supposed to happen under a health insurance plan. So we know firsthand about assisting in the reimbursement process and administering the following types of claims:

Over 100 births
Thousands of routine visits and medical check ups
25 major hospital stays for surgery or serious disease
10 emergency evacuations
SARS and Avian Flu education and information dissemination
6 cases involving the acquisition and delivery of special prescription med’s
3 cases involving the return of mortal remains
1 life insurance death claim