Mission Children’s Hospital and Family Support Network of WNC mark 25th anniversary of ADA

July 7, 2015

It was 25 years ago this month our nation committed to prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public.  On July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act makes sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else,” said Susan Mims, MD, MPH, Vice President and Medical Director, Mission Children’s Hospital. “Through our Family Support Network, one of our goals is to make sure that every child and family with a child with a special need has the care, support, services and resources they need.”

As President Barack Obama stated last year while marking the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, “Despite the gains we have made, independence and freedom from discrimination remain out of reach for too many individuals with disabilities.” 

To mark this 25thmilestone and the gains made to date, Mission Children’s Hospital and the Family Support Network of WNC celebrated with a family picnic open to members of the community who know first-hand the challenges and joys of caring for a child with special needs.  

“The Family Support Network offers an opportunity for a parent or caregiver to connect, learn and share with other parents and caregivers regarding the joys and challenges of raising a child that is developmentally different or processing the world around them in a way that is different than their peers,” said Roxann Colwell, MSW, Family Support Network program manager.