Mission Health Partners announces significant network expansion

September 22, 2015

More Than 550 Specialists Join The275 Primary Care PhysicianNetwork

Mission Health Partners (MHP), the second largest Accountable Care Organization (ACO) in North Carolina, is pleased to announce its new primarycare partners for 2016 and the addition of specialists to its network.  Over550 specialists now join 275 primary care colleagues in their effort to improve quality, care coordination and clinical outcomes for the patient population of western North Carolina.

“The physicians of Mission Health Partners are committed to working collaboratively with patients and our fellow providers toensure that the residentsof western North Carolina have accesstothe most advanced,comprehensive, high-quality and affordable care possible,” said Brian Moore,MD, Chairman of the Board for Mission Health Partners. “By expanding the Mission Health Partnersnetwork to includespecialty physicians, we not onlyimprove access throughout the continuum of care, but also ensure patients have the resources they need for complete, coordinatedcare.”

“This is an essential next stepas we work to bettermanage care for at-risk patientpopulations,” said RobertW. Fields, MD, family medicinephysician and Medical Director, MissionHealth Partners.“In the world of population health, we have to build a structure that meets theneeds of both rural andurban communities serving patients ofvarying backgrounds and degrees of health; effective care coordination is an essential element in building low cost and highquality care,and having access to experienced specialists withinthe network significantly enhances and streamlines the care delivery modeland overall experiencefor patients.”

Mission HealthPartners would like towelcome the following practices to the network:Specialty Physicians and Practices:

·         AllCareClinical Associates, PA

·         Appalachian Foot & Ankle Associates

·         AshevilleArthritis and Osteoporosis Center

·         Asheville CardiologyAssociates

·         Asheville EndocrinologyAssociates

·         Asheville EyeAssociates

·         Asheville Gynecology &Wellness: Vicky M. Scott, DO

·         Asheville OrthopaedicAssociates, an affiliate of Mission Health

·         Asheville PlasticSurgery: James M. McDonough, MD

·         Asheville Pulmonary & Critical CareAssociates, PA

·         Asheville Women’s MedicalCenter

·         Biltmore OB/GYN, PA

·         Brosnan EyeAssociates

·         StevenL. Cahan, MD, PA

·         CancerCare of Western North Carolina, an affiliate of Mission Health

·         CarolinaLung & Sleep atPardee

·         Carolina Mountain Dermatology, PA

·         Carolina Mountain EmergencyMedicine

·         CarolinaOphthalmology, PA

·         CarolinaSpine & Neurosurgery Center, an affiliate of Mission Health

·         CharlesJ. DePaolo, MD, PA

·         HendersonvilleHematology & Oncologyat Pardee

·         HendersonvilleOrthopedic at Pardee

·         Hope Women’sCancer Center, an affiliate of Mission Health

·         LaurelOB/GYN, PA

·         MAHECOB/GYN Specialists

·         McDowell Anew Aesthetics & Laser Care

·         McDowell OB/GYN

·         McDowell Orthopedics

·         McDowell Pain Management

·         Mission Children’s Hospital

·         Mission Children’s Bryson City

·         Mission Children’s Sylva

·         Mission Fullerton Genetics Center

·         Mission Infectious Disease Associates

·         Mission Neurology

·         Mission Psychiatry

·         Mission SportsMedicine

·         Mission Weight Management

·         Mission Women’s Care

·         Mission Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center

·         Moore Foot & Ankle Specialists, PA

·         Mountain Area Pathology, PA

·         Mountain Diabetes & Endocrine Center

·         Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates

·         Mountain Radiation Oncology

·         MurphyGroup Practice

·         OctoberRoad, Inc.

·         Pardee Centerfor Gynecology

·         Pardee Diabetes and Endocrine Associates

·         Pardee Neurology Associates

·         Pardee OB/GYNAssociates

·         Pardee Surgical Associates

·         Pardee Urological Associates

·         The Pisgah Institute, PA

·         Radiation Therapy Associatesof WNC, PA

·         RegionalSurgical Specialists, an affiliateof Mission Health

·         RheumatologyatPardee

·         TransylvaniaWomen’s Care

·         Victoria Urological Associates, an affiliate of Mission Health

·         WesternCarolina Women’s Specialty Center, an affiliate of Mission Health

·         WNCEar, Nose, Throat, Head & NeckSurgeons, PA

Primary Care Practices Joining for 2016:

·         AllKids Pediatrics

·         Asheville Children’s MedicalCenter

·         AshevilleFamily & Sports Medicine:Charles J. McGraw,MD

·         Dry Ridge Family Medicine

·         Haywood Pediatricand Adolescent Medicine Group

·         Hendersonville Pediatrics

·         Wellspring Family Practice

The Mission Health Partners network now includes 275 primary care providersand morethan 550 specialtyproviders working together toimprove clinical outcomes,lower costs of care and createan excellent patient experience.

About Mission Health Partners

Mission Health Partners(MHP) is a patient-centric and physician-governed network of clinicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers, working collaboratively in anevidence-based manner to improvepatient care and experience, decrease cost and ultimately drive positive changes in the healthof the residents of western NorthCarolina.

MHP is among one of the largestACOs in the country, covering 44,000 Medicare beneficiaries. MHP also covers 16,000 livesthrough the Mission Health employeebenefits plan and some 5,500 patients attributed through Humana Medicare Advantage. We are currently accountable forthe cost and quality of care forroughly 8 percent of western North Carolina. For more information,please visit  missionhealthpartners.org.