Mountain Credit Union builds successful internship program

April 5, 2017

In an effort toprovide real world business experience as a benefit to local students, Mountain Credit Union (MCU) has focused on building an internship program that partners with local High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities. This work has developed as a further step from their Student Run Branch program that was launched two years ago at West Henderson High School, which itself has produced both paid and unpaid internship and job-shadowing opportunities. 

Since making the program a priority, collaborations have been formed with Henderson County Public Schools, Haywood Community College and the College of Business at Western Carolina University (WCU). “We are so pleased with the internship program that Mountain CU has begun for our students,” Dr. Grace Allen, Professor of Finance at WCU recently stated. “Students completing the internship feel it is a terrific way for them to learn about banking from the bottom up and that it helps gain valuable experience which helps them make decisions pertaining to their future career direction.”

“Possibly the most surprising aspect of our program has been its benefit to the Credit Union. Our staff becomes engaged in assisting the intern as they teach them our processes and systems and the students share lessons learned in their classes. It is a great back and forth exchange of ideas,” said Chuck Reece, Human Resources Director at MCU. “The students also seem to appreciate the cooperative philosophy that defines a Credit Union.”

Interested candidates from these schools, or any local educators interested in forming a new partnership, may contact MCU’s Human Resources Department to inquire about current opportunities and open positions. Information on other part time and full time career opportunities can also be found on MCU’s website under the “About Us” tab.