NC school buses use tracking technology to boost student safety

September 4, 2013

As students prepare to head back to class this fall, 13 school districts across North Carolina – from Asheville to the coast – are using new wireless technology to provide information about their school buses—improving student safety and creating real time information for parents and administrators.  Synovia Solutions developed the technology so school district officials can see detailed information for each bus in their fleet and receive alerts to ensure drivers travel at safe speeds and stop at railroad crossings. Every time the bus stops and opens its doors, information is sent to school officials about the location, time and duration of the stop.

Synovia’s solution boosts bus driver productivity giving them the ability to clock in or out right from the driver’s seat. The device also helps reduce fuel consumption through a dashboard that highlights issues like excessive idling. One optional component of the school bus tracker enables students to sign in and off the bus using their student ID card providing parents confirmation their child arrived safely to school in the morning or back home in the afternoon.

 “Parents entrust us each day with the safety of their children, and this solution aids in our ability to manage a fleet of 300 school buses on a daily basis with advanced monitoring capabilities,” said Scott Denton, transportation director for Durham Public Schools. “I now feel as if I’m riding alongside each of our drivers— morning and afternoon.”

The bus tracker solution also keeps kids safe and on time for the morning bell by reporting engine updates before the problem worsens and leaves students stranded. School officials are alerted automatically if a bus is running behind schedule.

“For a parent of children riding the school bus daily, this solution provides ultimate peace of mind. Since the year 2000, Verizon has invested $1.7 billion in our North Carolina network, which makes it possible for us to partner with Synovia and utilize our network to deliver advanced tracking and monitoring solutions that reimagine the way we’ve always done things,” said Jerry Fountain, Verizon Wireless Carolinas/Tennessee region president.