Nest Realty: Making Appalachia Yours

June 7, 2018

Since becoming the branch owner of Nest Realty in 2016, Angie Cullen has worked with unflagging passion to bring next-level customer service to local real estate and enrich the spirit of our Appalachian community.

“Appalachian culture means the word authenticity. It means art, music, roots, nature…all of the things which become so much a part of you,” says Angie, who has lived here for the last 21 years. “We know how much people love this place, and we love getting them to the why and finding the right spot for them–whatever makes Appalachia theirs.”

A dedicated and trusted voice in the Asheville area, Angie channels 20+ years of work in the city planning and development sector into her business practice. She loves the area for the same reason Nest, originally from Charlottesville, VA, decided to build one of its first expansions here.

“People that live here do so with intention,” she says. “Whether its entrepreneurs, retirees, small businesses, mountaineers, or artists… they all make a conscious decision to care about their neighbors and help build a strong community that’s thoughtful.”

Under Angie’s leadership, the agency has increased its brokers from 2 to 21, launched its own rental property management service, and widened its focus to span Buncombe, Madison, Haywood, and Henderson County. The Asheville agency, part of a larger Nest umbrella, is one of 11 that spans Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina.

In Angie’s first year, the total sales volume for the office quadrupled. The next year, Nest more than doubled its 2016 production, and sold listings three weeks faster than average for the greater Asheville area.

Angie credits all this success with going above and beyond for customers, whether that means sharing the best mountain views, entertaining young children with silly games, negotiating like a wizard, supplying excellent contacts for contractors and insurance agents, or sending personalized lists of recommendations.

Annually, the agency hosts a free county fair for its homeowners that features bluegrass music, barbeque, and family-friendly activities. Through its award-winning Nest Magazine, the agency also connects its clients with local culture, cuisine, and interior design trends. On its website, Nest also loves to showcase the abilities and stories of local welders, sculptors, woodworkers, and other artisans through its “Meet the Maker” blog series.

“Nest serves someone who wants a company and a real estate agent agency that truly cares, whether they are a first time home buyer or a retiree. We cross all ages and income levels,” says Angie.

To further support the community, Angie is a champion for those who struggle with affordable housing. She is on the board for Homeward Bound, a non-profit that provides housing services for the homeless, and has been a member for 15 years. In collaboration with Homeward Bound’s Real Estate Agents Combatting Homelessness fund (REACH), Nest donates a percentage of its commissions to a fund that supports affordable housing efforts. As the keynote sponsor of Homeward Bound’s “Welcome Home” event, Nest was able to help raise $220,000.

“We give out a lot of keys, and we’re proud to be part of really great moments in people’s lives,” says Angie. “To be a part of someone’s life that is truly life-changing makes the work even more worthwhile.”