November Small Business of the Month: Lynne Harty Photography

October 30, 2008

The Small Business of the Month for November is Lynne Harty Photography near downtown Asheville. Lynne Harty began her business in Asheville as a solopreneur in 2000.

Lynne Harty became a commercial photographer after graduating from college in 1984 in Atlanta. Like many entrepreneurs, Lynne moved to Asheville for the wonderful quality of life. She was hired by Mobilia to create a series of fine art prints which reflected the “look” of Asheville, and a similar series of colorful imagery is now in demand by other cities that are attempting to create or define a special “look” of their own.

Currently, Lynne has a show featuring some new directions in her fine art work at Mobilia on Haywood St. in downtown Asheville. Lynne donates many of her art prints for fund raisers for a variety of organizations. The Chamber has been the recipient of her work and has featured her photography on the covers of several issues of the Asheville Magazine.