Optix Eye Care to participate in initial release of at-home vision monitoring service for patients with maculopathy

July 7, 2015

Optix Eye Care has been invited to participate in the exclusive, initial release of a new, at-home vision monitoring service, continuing their commitment to incorporating the newest technology in the prevention and treatment of ocular disease. The mVT® Service is an accurate, portable, and user-friendly system that enables patients with retinal disease to monitor vision function at home. 

The mVT® Service, developed by Vital Art and Science, LLC, is the first patented, clinically validated, and FDA cleared Ophthalmic medical device, and is available on the Apple App Store for all patients diagnosed with or concerned about maculopathy. The mVT® Service was developed for use by patients who are at risk and/or who have a family history of Diabetic Retinopathy, Dry AMD, and Wet AMD.

Patients prescribed the mVT® Service, which includes the mVT® App, log-in twice a week and perform a short, four-to-six minute, shape discrimination exercise. Patients are shown a series of circles and they select the one that appears different to them. After each selection they are shown another series of circles, and each time the differences in the shapes become more subtle. This exercise effectively tracks changes in vision related to retinal disease. If there are significant changes, the prescribing doctor is alerted, allowing them to contact the patient to come in sooner for an assessment and possibly treatment. 

The service is currently available for iOS devices and is in development for Droid and Windows devices. Per FDA regulations, the service does require a prescription from the patient’s Optometrist or Ophthalmologist and is not intended as a diagnostic tool or a treatment. Optix Eye Care will still require annual comprehensive eye exams and follow-up testing for patients participating in the mVT® Service.

For more information on the mVT® Service, visit www.myvisiontrack.com

For more information on Optix Eye Care, visit www.optix-eye.com