Our Poo Doesn’t Stink!

March 4, 2009

The Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County Receives Excellence Award!

Last month the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) handed out four awards at its Winter Conference in Atlanta. The Metropolitan Sewerage District(MSD) of Buncombe County was one of four agencies recognized with the Excellence in Management Award.

Here are a few facts about our own MSD:

  • New procedures and policies have dramatically reduce sewer overflows. In 2000 there was 288 overflows down to only 42 in 2008.
  • MSD has a system-wide customer response time average of 30 minutes
  • MSD recently completed a Master Plan for system growth and improvements
  • MSD invest an average of $14 million per year in system repair, maintenance, and preventative maintenance

The Chamber would like to congratulate the MSD of Buncombe County for their outstanding service to our community!

Interesting side note:
On a quick trip over to the MSD website, they actually have a virtual tour of the facility. See what happens to your waste every step of the way at msdbc.org!