Park Ridge Health recognized for exemplary focus on physician well-being

July 5, 2017

Park Ridge Health is honored to be recognized as a recipient of the Medicus Integra© Award. This award is a new designation that recognizes health care organizations for employing a physician-focused approach to promote and ensure physician well-being and engagement.  

In April, 2015, the Coalition for Physician Well-Being, an alliance of hospitals and health care systems dedicated to physician wholeness, established the Medicus Integra© award. The award focuses on four key areas of institutional programming:  Physician Resilience, Learning Environment, Business & Quality, and Culture.

“We know balanced, healthy, fulfilled physicians are more likely to communicate and collaborate effectively with patients and staff, demonstrate care and compassion, and experience better outcomes. I believe that if given a choice, most of us would prefer to go to, or work for, a health care organization that prioritizes physician well-being,” said Ted Hamilton, MD, Coalition for Physician Well-Being Board Chair.

The Medicus Integra© award documents evidence of an established, comprehensive, institutional approach to physician well-being and signifies organizational engagement and improvement in key metrics and outcomes over time. At the Coalition’s annual conference in June, it awarded three sites: Park Ridge Health, St. Vincent Medical Group, and Shawnee Mission Health.

“Park Ridge Health has made it a priority to invest in our physician workforce to ensure their health and engagement. We know helping them achieve that means enhanced patient care, greater efficiency, better working relationships, and improved quality and safety,” said Jimm Bunch, Park Ridge Health President and CEO. “Now health care organizations can better gauge how they are doing in terms of the intentional programming and resources they are providing to help physicians achieve balance in their lives and derive joy in their practice of medicine.” 

“We are honored to be chosen for an award that recognizes health care systems that are focused on holistic wellness for their physicians,” agreed Teresa Herbert, MD, MPH, FAAP, Park Ridge Health Chief Medical Officer, Physician Enterprise. “The award is a great tribute to Park Ridge Health for the way it has built well-being into our culture. We are excited to incorporate the lessons learned through the award application process. The Coalition for Physician Well-Being has provided valuable networking and resources as we created our program, and we look forward to an ongoing partnership.”

Organizations interested in applying for future consideration can find more information at the Coalition for Physician Well-Being website,